Sony Ericsson W902

Sony Ericsson W902

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This phone is just way too underrated - for Sony Ericsson standards anyway.

  • AnonD-716026

- 5MP camera
- ONLY 25MB of storage

This was a big mistake. If this phone had at least 100MB of storage it would have been much more popular than this. You can barely store any 5MP photos in just 25MB. And not everyone would have to buy a memory card!

Macbeth, 04 Nov 2017In my opinion, this is the best phone in terms of physical looks... moreActually, nevermind. Found the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 better in terms of that.

In my opinion, this is the best phone in terms of physical looks. I don't know, I just REALLY like the look of this phone.

  • jun

do you have an available w902?

  • naga

masha, 16 Oct 2012i want to buy this phoneWonderfull mobile

  • Tiger

it's so nice i want this Phone forever .... yahooooo ... i love it pummmaaaaa ..

  • OkForAll69

I brought this phone even I know it's old and 2nd hand phone. I really like this phone because I had and used this before both Sony Ericsson W902 and W880.

  • AnonD-310471

If I could get this phone as my only one driver, I'd take the option without any second thought!! Nicest phone I ever had regardless of brands or series. I wish they could go for re-manufacturing... :(

  • aksenprayana

yes...i already have one,and this vone trully simple but sure..unfortunately the soner has gone but its still on my mind,on my head,i,m 29 my age yeah...29 my age yeah..its all about "konspirasi kemakmuran"

  • Anonymous

i have one of those fone especially the w902 volcanic black coz i like black

  • sajib

only lacking mega bass,clear bass works instead of mega bass sm0othly,the w902 plus is the best stylish ph0ne for walkman l0oks awes0me.s0me features really amaze me.SE LOVERS,purchase it s0on if u love walkman,otherwise u will n0t get a chance t0 get the style of w902,as s0ny acquired the share of SE

  • ankle34

aldy, 26 Jun 2013I want it now. how can I get itsimple,easy to use..

  • aldy

I want it now. how can I get it

  • Anonymous

i want it

  • tina

Am, 16 Dec 2012I have this phone for 4 years and except a problem with its upda... moresame as my phone... no complaints at all...

  • Anonymous

jim, 21 Dec 2012is it still available?how much for price in canadian dollars?

  • jim

is it still available?

  • Am

I have this phone for 4 years and except a problem with its updates, I don't have any complaints, a basic and simple phone with good features and it's working properly, highly recommended

  • sefan

I have a W902, but I have some problems: youtube not working the way the light button on the right side not working, keyboard is broken, music buttons do not work and the front video camera is not really clear. After you change the casing, keyboard, phone'll be back probably bun.if's new heartily recommend it.