Sony Ericsson W950

Sony Ericsson W950

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  • Thiago

W950 is with Symbian, only a idiot dont wanna get an mobile with symbian, this mobile is perfect, the one...

  • Anonymous

3g isn't just about video calling. it's all about speed of data transfer.

  • Anonymous

How can a 3G phone work without a camera.. If that is what you are thinking then you obviously don't know a thing about 3G. Yes 3G can video call thats because 3G is a form of high speed data transfer. Think broadband on a phone.

  • Anonymous

does this support wireless sd card ?

  • Anonymous

The w950 has a much larger screen that is touchscreen, therefore pda functionality, much more suitable if intended as a corporate phone. The 91 having wi-fi is not as useful as one might think, for web browsing a larger screen is desired anyway. Not too sure about the body being made from platinum? would it help the 91 if you coated it in yet more weight? probabaly not, the se is a much more superior phone.

Also, 3g will be useful for web access etc, video calling is not the only application of 3g. Not that many people even use it regularly.

The lack of camera can be easily solved by buying a bog standard pocket sized digital camera with at least 3mpix, flash, plus many other features phones are only coming up with now but will still not compare in quality for quite a while.

nk isnt as stylish as it used to be!
its 4gb N 91 netime rocks man u can record songs from fm radio plus it has a wi fi in built its not just for music its also for corprate use also has a 3.5 audio jack its bulkier coz the body is plantinium plz dont compare N91


Has anyone actually thought that this phone has 3g but it dont have a camera that isnt really possible isit as 3g means it can do video calling hows it going to do that without a camera

  • dj

its 4gb N 91 netime rocks man u can record songs from fm radio plus it has a wi fi in built its not just for music its also for corprate use also has a 3.5 audio jack its bulkier coz the body is plantinium plz dont compare N91

  • billyc

this is an ipod, if you make this phone with a 4gb memory, no camera, and basic calling, its just an mp3 player, buy an ipod

  • Anonymous

Hey... 4 GB is pretty much for todays technology ... Hve you got any idea how difficult to manage the space in this tiny box. You have so many things to put in... If you want a phone with 20 or 30 GB Hard disk you have a Bulky phone or you have to pay a lot more... so be happy with this one for the time being... we are trying to improve ;)

  • Tarantula

Ipod Nano cant make calls, no UiQ, no touchscreen and no 3g.
This phone rocks and is far superior than brickest nokia N91 (uglyy, bulkyyy, heavier)!!!
No option and no doubt, is the best music phone!

  • davidchankl

hey 4gb is not much

  • Barry

oooooooo.... this phone seems pretty sweet! When's it coming out in England?

I've got the K750 and looking to upgrade to the w900, would it be worth waiting for this beauty?

  • Anonymous

really good fone.. cool features and i bet amazing quality mp3 on speaker & earphone(like all se phones) i think it is better to buy this than an Ipod nano.. anyone comparing the two must not have ever used a SE phone.. quality is just too dam good for a phone & walkman...

  • Anonymous

4g is to mutch for sumone that dusent have enny thing else than the SAME KIND of music get differant styles of music or at least accumulate youre songs to the max..A cell phone you can put 700 songs on or convert youre dvds than watch theme on this buddy with youre bunnys call me shady in with my wierless keyboar it's strapped on her ass while im writhing yea doggy style and all you can see was LQDGN

  • Anonymous

mixit than convert it than transfer it to youre phone.

  • Anonymous

they wrather you taking youre picture with a canon 10.5 mp CAMERA or take videos with youre JVC GY-HD101E HDV Kamera get youre convert it mix it an play videoclips view pictures , just get a good converter put it on youre (4g hard drive or flash). on youre master non camera symbian phone is a hard drive kind ok like the a new phone nokia will most probably release with a 4g hard drive and mini sd card
ROGERS wierless. thanks to ericsson will be able to step foward in to a new era of triband phones with the GSM 850mhz 1900mhz Rogers Communications selects Ericsson for 3G UMTS/HSDPA network deployment.
UMTS/HSDPA promises to provide customers with significantly higher data speeds
(evolving to peak downlink speeds of 14.4 megabits per second), and offers
operators more than twice the system capacity of current cellular radio technologies.

4 g gsm symbian 3g ...

  • Haley

I find some comments made rather amusing..

1st.. No cam so the phone sux.. I dunnoe whether it is dumb or sadist fer such comments..

SE W950i is design fer "Music Lover".. So ya all should be concern abt the sound bass/base and not the camera..

"Does Ipod have cam?? Why so mani ppl buy??"

Because a product is produce according to the market survey.. Which mean diff model target diff age group and gender..


Ya have to remember tat No matter how good
SE W950i is in music.. It is still a handphone.. So Naturally have to have the standard ear plug fer those ppl using wire-earphone fer calling and speaking.. A dongle is good.. No more diff thot..

Thanx* No offend*

  • AndyAndy

To as_mv
you say without camera 4GB is way too big.
as this phone is in SE walkman line of phones then 4GB will be used up with mp3 and video data. how is 4GB way too big?
jpg dont require even half as much room as a single mp3 anyway.

  • as_mv

it's very good to see 950i
but i think without camra 4 GB is to high
anyway it's good

  • moma

do you know where is the speaker on this phone ??because i don't find on the picss!