Sony Ericsson W980

Sony Ericsson W980

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  • 04 Feb 2024

Nayan, 23 Apr 2021I need this phon. Please ebay. 50-150$

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    • Anjuraj
    • GRN
    • 13 Jul 2023

    Hemorrhoidicator, 09 Aug 2022Still got this in 2022. I usually bring this instead of my... moreFrom where you Purchased it?

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      • Hemorrhoidicator
      • I@H
      • 09 Aug 2022

      Still got this in 2022.
      I usually bring this instead of my smartphone due to the size and design factor.

      Note: It's compatible with the latest Bluetooth earphones.
      The included wired earphones still beat my wireless earphones in terms of sound quality though.

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        • Mihai
        • SvB
        • 13 Nov 2021

        Crown, 30 Sep 2021Please, I need one too, The phone is beautiful I have one.

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          • Crown
          • Nu6
          • 30 Sep 2021

          Please, I need one too,
          The phone is beautiful

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            • Munna bhai
            • rJn
            • 21 Aug 2021

            Nayan, 23 Apr 2021I need this phon. Please I like filip flop style

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              • Nayan
              • YWi
              • 23 Apr 2021

              Anonymous, 28 Nov 2019hahahaaa after 10years w980 fm transmitter still not workin... moreI need this phon. Please

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                • aghost
                • X$j
                • 15 Sep 2020

                still using this wonderful phone. best music award 2008. Music on Top.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 6qA
                  • 20 Aug 2020

                  Sk, 21 Oct 2014Want to buy this phone even in 2014Even in 2020😊

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                    • Anonymous
                    • X%C
                    • 28 Nov 2019

                    hahahaaa after 10years w980 fm transmitter still not working
                    i just found it in drawer still working so i want to use as my secondary ph
                    but still fm transmitter not working:(

                    if anyone got firmware pls share

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                      • ziba
                      • p}2
                      • 05 May 2019

                      I use it still

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                        • gaillimh
                        • pp4
                        • 29 May 2018

                        Have one from new, still spotless. The sound from these is beautiful, and the reason I bought it.

                          3MP camera in a phone of this range?! VERY DISGRACEFUL!!!

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                            • AnonD-724258
                            • Kg6
                            • 06 Jan 2018

                            2018. I am still addicted by thw beauty of this phone. Spent my time searching for it and finally I could get two original versions of it. Wish I could find the new ones but for now the used ones are good enough.

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                              • Asif
                              • yZv
                              • 01 Feb 2017

                              AnonD-598567, 30 Dec 2016I bought one from ebay this year, delivered from china, pro... moreHa ha ha ha ha , there are lots of seller who are selling and claiming phone to be original
                              but they are fake , battery drain , unable to start , call sound quality many more issues with those , these are Refurbished phone fake phones made by chines manufacturer , stop buying those ,

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                                • AnonD-598567
                                • mhw
                                • 30 Dec 2016

                                I bought one from ebay this year, delivered from china, probably reconditioned one.
                                one lasts for 1-2 month, then no longer possible restart; second one last for 2-3 month, dead finally also by a slight knock to ground, then no screen.... I used to love all it has, but d***m, with these failures i won't step any more on it!! i still will replace by another phone No-smartphone to use daily life! *sign* anyhow W980's quality really not robust, fragile, that's what i feel

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                                  • KiM
                                  • g3%
                                  • 26 Sep 2016

                                  Great Phone in my opinion if related to styling. Not for the one's who prefer features more than Style. If Your looking for a Music Phone with some Style, then this is definitely the one to go for. Though, be aware if Your Phone gets damaged, it might not be repaired again as the Parts have been discontinued. Just recently bought a piece from Ebay.

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                                    • Farouk
                                    • N9L
                                    • 22 Aug 2016

                                    pls if is posible i need one

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                                      • stone
                                      • J8%
                                      • 12 May 2016

                                      I really love this phone brand and I wish sony could upgrade the software to suit the latest phone app environment. A single headset pin would be a good idea. It still remains the best phone I have ever used and I still need it.

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                                        • fer
                                        • u10
                                        • 18 Nov 2015

                                        my original charger was not working. someone gave me a chinese charger ( the ones having 10 different pins). i charged my phone with that. that worked for 1 month and then the charger wasn't functioning. that man took the charger and told me to have fixed it. i gave charge to my W980 with that and then finally the next morning i figure it out that my phone is not getting on. can you please tell me what is the Problem and how can i fix it