Sony Ericsson W995

Sony Ericsson W995

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Anonymous, 11 Aug 2009not all nokia and samsung phones are made in china,in fact ... moreI have a Nokia X3-00 made in Korea

  • Sree

Still using W995 as walkman Phone along with SE w200 Mega BASS.. Both are GREAT or MORE THAN GREAT.. Till now 2020 no music devices come close to this Walkman.used ipods iphone and smartphones.. but cant hear good music with punchy sound quality bass treble. No other headsets and No other music devices gives the most pleasure sound quality.

  • Anonymous

46 xy, 10 Jul 2019Got my w995 ( refurbished ) from AliExpress @60 usd. Very ... moreIs that refurbished phone good? How's it appearance

Memorable phone. Good old days.

Very Bad phone. The display itself broke down.

  • Anonymous

Wow sony ericsson all mobile so no.1👌👌👌👌👌

  • m a x

I need this thing's soundfont

  • Anonymous

Shamrock, 27 Dec 2019Try putting some strong glue on the headphone socket after ... moreThank you for your innovative idea.
You should join in R&D.

  • Shamrock

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2019Anybody here...? How can i install bangla font in my w995 ..?Try putting some strong glue on the headphone socket after submerging it in hot water for 24 hours. Works a treat...

  • Selim

Where can i get this phone in Qatar?

  • Anonymous

Anybody here...?
How can i install bangla font in my w995 ..?

  • 46 xy

Got my w995 ( refurbished ) from AliExpress @60 usd.
Very happy but 3.5 mm headphone jack is not working..
I use Bluetooth earphone....
Sound is awesome with my sony XB75ap.
They provided mono earphone... Shit..!!!

I see this phone more of like a Walkman variant of the Sony Ericsson C905

  • Rocket Jelly

i like this phone btw it cost 3m IDR

My past phone (2009 - 2011). I love it.
One of the best in my life.
Superb sound, Unique design with Walkman logo, Nice gaming experience with Accelerometer Sensor.

This phone still holds it's value even 9 years later.

  • AN

Koh, 29 Dec 2017W995 is 2G or 3 G phone 3G

Walkman man, 10 Mar 2018Hello guys, this phone has maga bass feature or no?Sony Ericsson w995 have.. Clear audio 🔉.. Clear audio is better than mega bass

  • AnonD-744144

AnonD-624833, 16 Feb 2018my too i use it only this phone , i hate tactil. it's shame... moreHello,
I am using this phone too. Is Email and Navigation working for you? My phone always shows a connection error when trying to set up emails.

  • Anonymous

Kid A, 15 Feb 2009You did not have this 1 year ago... Yeah he did.