Sony Ericsson W995

Sony Ericsson W995

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  • Anonymous

Is this available till now??

  • Dexter

Ilike w995 .....

  • FullTank

it's insane but Google Maps 2.3.2 works in it, fully, you can even see the photos of the streets and to have your navigator in it, it works really fast too, very unexpected for 369mhz single core cpu, here's an example with most of it's functionality, there's also other options other than Walking but i didn't made photos of that -

  • FullTank

Sandy , 19 Dec 2020Hallo I want to buy Sony Ericsson W995 where can I buy t... moreyou can buy it on aliexpress right now, refurbished, they look & smell like new
most of the internet apps are either dead or do not work under wifi
i do not have a sim card with an internet to check whether they work under 2g/3g , but i assume they are just dead because the servers are long time dead, for every single app

the best browser which works everywhere & downloads anything - UC Browser 9.5.0
2nd best browser which works everywhere but doesn't download a lot of things - Opera Mini 8.0
3rd best browser which almost doesn't work anywhere - stock
4th best browser which works everywhere but on heavy pages can literally reset your phone's system so that the phone will restart the system (not a reboot, but pretty same thing) - Minuet Browser
all other browser if not counting the older versions of UC & Opera - do not work, i tried, either they do not support wifi or their severs are just dead which is more likely, because apparently UC & Opera and all of the other browsers (except minuet, not sure about stock) are using their own servers to compress the webpages, that's pretty much the reason why other browsers are dead, because servers are dead, and the reason why minuet resets the whole system(because too huge load on the phone's core)

skype, jimm, gmail, youtube, all stock internet apps, auto update, facebook app - all of that will not work under wifi, may or may not work under 2g/3g which i do not have, with that said, in UC Browser or Opera Mini looks and works great.

stock video player is the only video player which will be able to play Some of the mp4 videos, reason - it doesn't support H.264 , it supports only H.263 which is Super Rare right now (you can convert videos to H.263 via one of the oldest version of Jet Audio by picking ipod preset and configuring it to 320x240 if required

rest of the video players from the web are only able to play 3GP which is pathetic, all of them

JZipMan is able to unzip

good to bookmark websites - - games & apps , downloading works from opera and most likely will work from stock browser as well - games & apps, much bigger amount of them, website is heavy, downloading will not work from opera, don't know about stock browser, UC Browser as i said earlier will work everywhere(the only thing it fails to do what opera is able to do, is to confirm your identity when google asks to, in
phoneky's search bar on top of the page is broken, must use the one which is on the bottom of the page - games & apps , probably russian only but they helped me to get fully working versions of Townsmen 4 and Townsmen 5 when all other websites failed to (on the other websites - some had no sound, some were wrong resolution, some were zoomed in too much, some were very laggy in the main building menu)
don't hesitate to try to download a Nokia or any other version of the Jar file if Sony doesn't work properly for you, sometimes Nokia or any other brand's jar file is exactly what you need for your Sony Ericsson W995! - games only, the website is very messy, Czech biased of course since it works so well
camera quality is good for 2009, but for today's standards obviously pretty bad and 8MP do not help, resolution of the photos is 3264 x 2448 , they look bad on the phone but they look better on the PC , they are kinda yellowish, the result is better if you then use Topaz JPG to RAW(dng) & then Topaz Gigapixel AI DNG to JPG with AI Mode: Compressed, Settings: Auto(or max out the suppress noise and blur ~60) , reduce color bleed, face refinement only if there's a face on the picture, can keep resolution at 1.00 or to change it to 16:9 , the yellowish photo issue will be gone, but the edited photo inside windows photo viewer, paint, and chatting tools such as Discord or Viber (but not skype) will have greenish image glitch, unless it will be opened in a browser, if opened inside browser then there's no glitch and person will be able to see the improved colors, for example yellowish foil will become it's real silver color.

do not forget to disable the GPS service inside the Location services(not in the settings but in the main menu of the phone), as it doesn't work anyway but most likely drains battery

battery lasts for very long time, even if you'll play games, much more than nowadays smartphones (unless these smartphones are heavily tweaked with a root, then they can also drain only 1% of battery per 3 hours of laying around, but they can't last long during gaming even with tweaks.)

radio, remember the "i'm adjusting wires for the best audio quality" thing? no matter which earphones you'll plug into it, be it cheap 2 euros earphones or expensive 20 euros triple driver HD or whatever earphones - in most of cases the volume will be super reduced unless you'll position the wire in some super weird way that your hand will get tired in 1 minute
exception is PC's Headphones , for example my SteelSeries Siberia 200 had perfect signal and perfect volume at any placement of the wire

worth to mention things -
1. you can record your calls in it, the size of the recording is about 1MB per 10 minutes of call, must press (record) during the call
2. you can remote control your PC's screen or Smarphone through bluetooth connection without any extra apps, that's very impressive for 2009, it can only control though(it doesn't transfer the image of PC/Smartphone to it's screen)
3. i think you can answer calls with the recording of your voice but i didn't tried that feature yet, recorded but didn't really tried since i'm used to answer manually
4. it have a video call apparently, didn't tried yet, not sure if it's 2g/3g only or wifi as well
5. now this one is annoying, screen turns off every 20 seconds, exactly 20 seconds, and on around 25th or 30th second the phone enters block state, so it auto pauses any game and can even freeze the bluetooth file transferring (already happened to me)

i already wrote a bunch of stuff here so i'll just leave it at that to not waste my time any further

This was the best phone back then in my opinion. Best design, with stereo speakers, 2,6 inch display, 3,5mm audio jack, 8gb card, 8.1mp camera and dedicated music buttons on the side for the best music phone Sony Ericsson made back then...The Walkman King.

  • Miki

Sandy , 19 Dec 2020Hallo I want to buy Sony Ericsson W995 where can I buy t... moreEbuy ili amazon or some random web store of used phone

  • Sandy

AnonD-496089, 23 Jun 2016i have two sony ericsson w995. i like this amazing phone. i... moreHallo
I want to buy Sony Ericsson W995 where can I buy this Mobile

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2009not all nokia and samsung phones are made in china,in fact ... moreI have a Nokia X3-00 made in Korea

  • Sree

Still using W995 as walkman Phone along with SE w200 Mega BASS.. Both are GREAT or MORE THAN GREAT.. Till now 2020 no music devices come close to this Walkman.used ipods iphone and smartphones.. but cant hear good music with punchy sound quality bass treble. No other headsets and No other music devices gives the most pleasure sound quality.

  • Anonymous

46 xy, 10 Jul 2019Got my w995 ( refurbished ) from AliExpress @60 usd. Very ... moreIs that refurbished phone good? How's it appearance

Memorable phone. Good old days.

Very Bad phone. The display itself broke down.

  • Anonymous

Wow sony ericsson all mobile so no.1👌👌👌👌👌

  • m a x

I need this thing's soundfont

  • Anonymous

Shamrock, 27 Dec 2019Try putting some strong glue on the headphone socket after ... moreThank you for your innovative idea.
You should join in R&D.

  • Shamrock

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2019Anybody here...? How can i install bangla font in my w995 ..?Try putting some strong glue on the headphone socket after submerging it in hot water for 24 hours. Works a treat...

  • Selim

Where can i get this phone in Qatar?

  • Anonymous

Anybody here...?
How can i install bangla font in my w995 ..?

  • 46 xy

Got my w995 ( refurbished ) from AliExpress @60 usd.
Very happy but 3.5 mm headphone jack is not working..
I use Bluetooth earphone....
Sound is awesome with my sony XB75ap.
They provided mono earphone... Shit..!!!

I see this phone more of like a Walkman variant of the Sony Ericsson C905