Sony Ericsson Xperia active

Sony Ericsson Xperia active

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  • hlobi
  • fu7
  • 15 Sep 2022

please bring back at least a new version of this phone, I'm still in love with it!!!

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    • rk35
    • NsE
    • 06 Jun 2022

    this phone was tough i really miss this phone

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      • Arcintouch
      • Nue
      • 21 Aug 2019

      AnonD-591058, 29 Sep 2016Yeah. such a good phone. I had my 5 years and only crapped ... moreThe battery life needs to last for 1 week. With no electrical charge. That is a starting point for a real mobile phone .

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        • Anonymous
        • XS}
        • 02 Nov 2018

        jake, 25 Jan 2017Where i can buy this phone? I live in finland, once owned o... moreAliexpress

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          • Mayhem
          • LiL
          • 07 Oct 2018

          Natiq, 22 Sep 2017This is the worst mobile phone I have ever had. It had prob... moreIf the back button didn't work, you should have sent it back for warranty.
          As far as the internal memory, it was limited yes but the 50 mb free thing is an Android limitation, it always wants 10% free of whatever you have to allow you to install updates.

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            • SLHR
            • ptS
            • 01 Sep 2018

            It served me well for six years. I dropped it and drowned it so many times and it survived without any problems. Other rugged phones I consequently owned can not even approach the durability of Xperia Active. I'd like to buy similar phone with a bit larger screen.

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              • nob
              • m5u
              • 06 Jul 2018

              That phone is thick even for 2011

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                • Natiq
                • nqj
                • 22 Sep 2017

                This is the worst mobile phone I have ever had. It had problems since I newly bought it. Often its "back" button doesn't work. Although it has more than 50 mb free memory, I can't download any application requiring for example 10 mb free memory.

                  • j
                  • jake
                  • mh{
                  • 25 Jan 2017

                  Where i can buy this phone? I live in finland, once owned one of this. Awesome, then i accidentally broke it when i was serious drunk :/


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                    • AnonD-633446
                    • t@g
                    • 16 Jan 2017

                    xperia active is the strongest one..
                    bought it on 2011, till now can run smoothly with cm13 (Marsmallow) *_*

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                      • AnonD-633446
                      • t@g
                      • 16 Jan 2017

                      IroncladKnight, 16 May 2016Mine's celebrating its 3 yrs now!! everything's still the ... moreuse custom rom cm13.. n u can instal many apps according to ur sdcard ^_^

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                        • AnonD-591058
                        • Px1
                        • 29 Sep 2016

                        Anonymous, 16 Aug 2016I bought this back in 1st of Jan, 2012 & has been using... moreYeah. such a good phone. I had my 5 years and only crapped out on my 3 days ago. (the battery life became less that 5 minutes)

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                          • Anonymous
                          • u{a
                          • 16 Aug 2016

                          I bought this back in 1st of Jan, 2012 & has been using for 4 and half years. I can't remember how many times I dropped it and sank under the water but still perfect condition. Waiting for break down so I can buy new phone but it is so die hard...

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                            • IroncladKnight
                            • bed
                            • 16 May 2016

                            Mine's celebrating its 3 yrs now!!
                            everything's still the same..smoothly running..the only problem is I cannot download new kind of games due to OS version requirement...

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                              • Anonymous
                              • ELX
                              • 11 Feb 2016

                              I agree it should have a front camera, but other than that i love it, no complains,
                              I am however annoyed that i cannot find anyone in my country who sells the screensaver and case,
                              I would recommend this phone to anyone

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                                • Anonymous
                                • fsT
                                • 28 Dec 2015

                                this phone should have had front camera

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                                  • fbrts
                                  • 0Bk
                                  • 20 Nov 2015

                                  Recently my Xperia Active had a successful 3 year anniversary. Unfortunately I broke my screen recently. While I was sitting on a chair and uncarefully trying to pull it out of my pocket it dropped on the floor, facing the screen. Oh dear, it was very lame. It came out as a surprise because ... it was made to be tough, right? The (outer) glass broke in one line horizontally through the place where the clock is on the display. At least everything is working fine and it is barely noticeable while lcd is on.
                                  To sum up, it can break and as easy as s#it. I believed that the screen is the last thing I should worry about.

                                  On the other hand, it also became very slow due to Google apps and services. I did a factory reset (stock rom) and installed necessary apps manually, while most of the Google stuff being disabled or left as stock apps like Maps. Then it became quite quick again performing everyday tasks (internet, mail, camera, music and making calls). Otherwise phone is becoming obviously outdated if(!) you do not set up it manually and using not-a-lot of apps.

                                  Not taking above mentioned as very important it is a very good and reliable device which actually fits(!!) in a pocket (just like before big screen progression).

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Jwq
                                    • 09 Aug 2015

                                    D2TheDoe, 05 Jul 2015Well. Heres my view of the phone. I have had 2. First one w... morehow could you have had it for 4 and a half years if it hasn't been out for 4 years yet?

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                                      • Tipsy
                                      • Pxg
                                      • 30 Jul 2015

                                      Have owned my for 3 years now and all I can say is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing wow wow wow I can honestly say I put this phone thru hell and back it's been dropped on concrete grounds countless to many times to mention its been logged in a basin of water by accident dropped in a tall glass of wine and fully covered in wine for 20 or so minutes and it's been through alot of wet times to much to mention as well omgosh I don't know if any other phone could of survived the damage I've done to this phone so if your looking for a sturdy, dust proof water resistant hell proof phone look no further big upps honestly love love love

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                                        • Pratheep
                                        • tUe
                                        • 20 Jul 2015

                                        WOWWW!!!!! Amazing phone!!!!
                                        Still owning this phone and working in a perfectly very good condition, except the charger protector torn off just a couple of days ago.
                                        they say, be careful while buying a phone, but after buying this phone, you never really need to care about this one... I've tested this phone to the maximum, and I still do not find any other good phone like this. Now I am very much afraid to change my phone. Really loving this phone.... Glad I've this phone... :) :)