Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

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  • Anonymous

Maannii, 17 Aug 2011i have been using this mobile for like 4 months n trust me its t... morehello sir ..... i installed several apps from the andriod ..... but when i clicked downloads , it aint appearing .... wat do i do

  • Ajmal Basheer

[deleted post]Hi,

It is not Gorilla Glass. And regarding the Compass, it is inbuilt in the phone. You can experience it when you use Google maps. There is a pointer on the map that symbolises you on the map and it points to the direction the mobile is facing. If you turn the phone, the pointer also turns on the map. This is done by the help of the digital compass inbuilt in the phone. Also, you can use various compass apps downloadable for free from the market.

  • AnonD-11719

Maannii, 17 Aug 2011Need help if anyone can guide me the way to instal apps n games ... moreDownload app2sd from android market. It will make it much easier to move apps & games from internal memo to sd card.
via my xperia arc XD

  • Ajmal Basheer

Knight_S_r, 16 Aug 2011what do you mean by 'No' ? You should fully describe your answer... moreWe cannot connect the Xperia Arc to TV using the 3.5mm connector. Only HDMI output is available.

  • Maannii

Need help if anyone can guide me the way to instal apps n games on sd card... plz

  • Maannii

i have been using this mobile for like 4 months n trust me its the best machine available. but the only problem is it has is that it download apps on phone memory not sd card... the only drawbak i found... need reviews pleaseeee

  • kakakaka

Harsha, 05 May 2011I was using iphone 3gs 32gb white(Airtel locked)until i lost it ... moreis the touch screen lyk iphone 4? is it that sensitive ???

  • shaz

hi people i love my arc but recently i am having problems with the touch screen runs slow and freezes what can i do?

  • affie

i have been using ARC from a month, and its actually great fun, superb phone. But i need to know where is DIGITAL COMPASS i couldn't find any in it but its shown in the specifications. Another query is regarding its screen, is it gorilla glass or what???

  • Sunbriel

Mato, 16 Aug 2011Arc takes 10 snaps in 10 secs and good Q, speed to run applns, H... moreBattery is a problem because there are many bg apps running... You mean, battery life, no... I can make my Arc last for cca 7 hours with heavy/constant usage, which is a no-wonder since there's that big screen and all ._. And with screen and data off it can last for a bit more than a month (yes, a month), but that's probably due to having a custom kernel with some tweaked things.

You can always download a calculator from the market, you know... you don't have to use that one.

And you CAN arrange contacts by Surnames... ?:/

  • Vidi

What can I say about Arc.. It is simply AWESOME :)

  • Knight_S_r

Ajmal Basheer, 16 Aug 2011No.what do you mean by 'No' ? You should fully describe your answer like others.

  • be aware

Hi there, i have SE arc and Galaxy s2. galaxy s2 is far far far better then any other smartphone has ever made yet.. just check out galaxy s2 before buying any smartphone.

  • Anonymous

SO cool phone saw it while in the train someone next to me have it I notice it right away cant take my eyes off it so cool amazing resolution and fast want to buy one. after that i went to a shop to check a price and damn great price fair enough for a very superb phone and guess what, in that shop xperia arc offers a 3year warranty ( quality guaranteed ). don't know if this apply every where.

  • Ajmal Basheer

Knight_S_r, 16 Aug 2011Hi Everyone !! I know that the Xperia Arc has HDMI port to conn... moreNo.

  • Anonymous

hi iam not able to acess gmail with Tata DOCOMO on this phone please help me

  • Pavel

Deenom, 15 Aug 2011Hi ya all, I want to get either the HTC Sensation or the Sony Er... moreThe most of big apps you can remove to the memory card from phone memory,so it is not an issue at all!!!!!
And in other aspects don't even think buy arc and enjoy it!!!)

  • Pavel

nigu, 16 Aug 2011EISA Award for xperia arc and xperia mini

and xperia mini too!!)))

  • Knight_S_r

Hi Everyone !!
I know that the Xperia Arc has HDMI port to connect it to High Definition TV's which supports HDMI. But can it be connected to normal TV's via 3.5mm audio jack with TV output cable like the Nokia N82 ? Plz Answer & Advance Thanks !!

  • hdk7273

I use from 2 months.
Very Excellent performance & Great work no more wait.
No more confusion Xperia ARC is finally very smart,,,,