Sony Ericsson Xperia mini

Sony Ericsson Xperia mini

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Anonymous, 16 Dec 2021How can I update my xperia mini In Android 4.0It is available via OTA update when the phone is in 2011 or 2012. It was available on OTA.

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    • Anonymous
    • rKh
    • 16 Dec 2021

    How can I update my xperia mini In Android 4.0

      • A
      • Aakash
      • rKh
      • 12 Dec 2021

      I have This Smartphone and Its Android version is 2.3
      I wanna Update this smartphone in 4.0
      anybody tell me How..plz Help

        • j
        • johnny
        • B}q
        • 23 Sep 2021

        I bought a second handed xperia mini and the screen of my phone has some small bubbles at the inside of its screen corners its like it is loosing glue, how can I fix it? Does the previous owner replaced its screen?

          • B
          • BigBoss
          • nZy
          • 06 Jul 2021

          There is no replace 4 this phone yet. G3 will be shut down. Where is the follower?
          That new announced slide thing is too big.

            • H
            • Hamza
            • 6Ph
            • 15 Jun 2021

            This phone is great but I loss my phone password .please help me. I reset my phone but I don't no about .
            Please guide me

              • S
              • Syamsul
              • fFA
              • 08 Feb 2021

              My phone cannot switch on, can someone suggest me how to solve it? Change battery?

                • a
                • ard
                • t@g
                • 17 Jan 2021

                Little giant

                  I have this phone until now I use. very proud to be able to have a small phone fit in the pocket with there whatsapp facebook google map and so forth. I think sony needs to make a new phone like this with internal memory and great ram. thanks sony xperia. hopefully the more successful at number one in the world

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                    • Anonymous
                    • CDA
                    • 08 Jan 2021

                    Best of best phone

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                      • Anonymous
                      • CDA
                      • 08 Jan 2021

                      Best of best phone

                        • K
                        • Kwan Long
                        • XUv
                        • 02 Jan 2021

                        i bought this phone from nine years before and amazing ! this phone still live until now although i didnt use for 2 years.

                          • d
                          • djdhere
                          • M9W
                          • 20 Oct 2020

                          What a lovely phone a pocket dynamite really, I used it for around 5 years before I moved to 4G phone and unfortunately got stolen after that. The display and sound just rocked..being the 1st Gen. Android you have to give some respect to what now looked like under performing specs, however enjoyed it till the last moment. Dispointed that Sony has now lost the ground to the new more cheaper and competitive chinese players, they just didn't had that focus on the smartphone market, would love if Sony makes a comeback !!!

                            Will get a charger for this one?

                              • D
                              • DLOVE
                              • X}d
                              • 28 Jul 2020

                              I have this. Battery is dead. otherwise it is functional.

                                • S
                                • Sony Ericsson lover
                                • YTd
                                • 12 Jul 2020

                                Hamza , 19 Jul 2019A great phone. I want to have this. Where can get this in P... moreYou can buy from Ali xpress

                                  • G
                                  • Gypsy
                                  • jML
                                  • 20 Dec 2019

                                  I Used to have one and I have Fell in LOVE with it. Unfortunately for me it was stolen from me and I have been in serious search for this phone. I have only paid $20 for it and I am just asking if anyone can help me out with the same phone and hopefully the same price??!!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • g3h
                                    • 26 Jul 2019

                                    Hamza , 19 Jul 2019A great phone. I want to have this. Where can get this in P... moreI have it...... plz seruse byer contect me

                                      • H
                                      • Hamza
                                      • 6P2
                                      • 19 Jul 2019

                                      A great phone. I want to have this. Where can get this in Pakistan?

                                        • A
                                        • Anandu
                                        • rJx
                                        • 05 May 2019

                                        Onskie, 18 Feb 2019Miss this phone. Very handy to use. I wish sony release thi... moreI have this