Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

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  • pmU
  • 25 May 2023

GodFather, 28 Feb 2023This is a true Gaming Phone but guys if you are buying this... morerealistically, this phone would suck for gaming in 2023, mostly because it still runs on android 2, and its specs are worse than a 120$ phone nowadays. back in 2011 this would've been a beast of a phone, but nowadays its mostly to show off

    This is a true Gaming Phone but guys if you are buying this phone for Gaming in 2023 then it's better you go for PSP Go instead , because Xperia Play has Android OS and it requires more resources whereas PSP Go has Proprietary XMB and very fast , even in 2023 my PSP hasn't slowed down a bit

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      • Anonymous
      • Sq1
      • 22 Sep 2022

      PS 2011 edition

        The world's only real gaming mobile

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          • demonx
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          • 12 Jun 2022

          emmaconcetta, 06 Dec 2021how do you do that? i'm trying to revive mine for nost... moreRoot phone. Get the Ice Cream Sandwich "True Ancestor" custom rom, and get a Lupus v7 kernel. You can find guides on how to do this at the usual places... xda...

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            • emmaconcetta
            • kwe
            • 06 Dec 2021

            Ivan, 24 Jan 2021The phone is upgradable up to Android 4, but do you do that? i'm trying to revive mine for nostalgia's sake but im having a bunch of problems with the os being left behind

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              • XYZendofthelline
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              • 23 Aug 2021

              I had this phone. It was great not to great. If you custom kernel to 4.0.4 it can play pubg lite without issue in gamepad controls. But I want the stock kernel.
              I normal play a games an emulator.
              I been working yifanlu/PSXperia Extractor Converter Tool to continue his work.

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                • AnoM
                • IW9
                • 08 Jul 2021

                The reason you all will never see the upgrade version of this smartphone is because this smartphone clash with Sony owns PSP brand. This was suppose to be the smartphone version of PSP, but end up it never come the Sony expected fruition. Now, the Android smartphone is making almost all portable gaming obsolete, simply because of Android smartphone fast advancement.
                Another killing reason is because Sony want to have their proprietary PSP gaming that not rely on Android platform also making this smartphone obsolete, meaning Sony wanted to control the software sales like PSP, which is of course very difficult to made possible, since the Android Playstore can be accessed by any Android smartphone.
                So, at the end, Sony only implement PS4 remote play for their later Xperia Z3, and no more portable gaming developed solely for their portable platform.

                  YUKI93, 17 Jun 2021I do hope that Sony can make a modern-day iteration of this... morenever gonna happen. Sony is way too conservative to jump into these kinds of phones again.

                    I do hope that Sony can make a modern-day iteration of this wacky smartphone using the Xperia 5 Mk3's internal hardware. That would be a great portable mobile gaming device.

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                      • Ivan
                      • 60$
                      • 24 Jan 2021

                      JoshuaReen, 19 Aug 2020I think it would handle more powerful and handle more games... moreThe phone is upgradable up to Android 4, but manually.

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                        • 11 Nov 2020

                        AnonD-99982, 12 Jan 2013is this phone really support USB OTG function? answer me p... moreno

                          I think it would handle more powerful and handle more games if it was released during Android 4.0-4.4 ages since this is supposed to be a gaming device

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                            • Syed Kazim
                            • ki$
                            • 07 May 2020

                            I wish that Sony would make play 2 but same in durability and sound. I personally prefer it's sound over complete Xperia z series. Now I am using Xperia xz premium.

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                              • Syed Kazim
                              • ki$
                              • 07 May 2020

                              Best mobile of Sony I have seen in my life yet specially in sound and durability.

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                                • J8A
                                • 09 Apr 2020

                                I wish mobile companies take customer needs into account and develop different designs rather than just plain, single body phones. Even though their specs are changing, they don't seem too appealing to me. Whenever I have to change my phone for performance issues, and buy a new one, I don't feel like its new, since their appearance is all same.

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                                  • QL{
                                  • 29 Dec 2019

                                  uh pubg dosent work on andrioid 2.3 :V

                                    Kazzz, 26 Feb 2019can you run Pubg mobile on this mobile?I just won a PUBG match easly. Gamepad is very helpful.

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                                      • That random guy...
                                      • qHx
                                      • 27 Sep 2019

                                      Loved that phone back in the say for what it was. I wish more people had stuff like this nowadays. Lost mine years ago. ☹

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                                        • Fathi
                                        • IVS
                                        • 20 May 2019

                                        Anirudh, 18 Sep 2017This phone probably had a manufacturing defect. Tried every... morejust change the slide flex cable and it the fuzzy screen would go away lol. no one told you to buy a 2011 phone in 2017 btw.