Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness

Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness

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  • Phoneusersony

aksenprayana, 06 Mar 2013much more this pone in indonesia if u want some just come ... moreHave you got anymore?

  • aksenprayana

much more this pone in indonesia
if u want some just come on get it..

  • blek_stena

its annoying to read coments from ppl who see this phone gabrage cuz it has no functions. this is not type of phone that is suppost to have some. if they put 5mpx camera it is not luxury its crap cuz there is n8,nokia 808 who destroy all others. I have htc one x and for me it has crap camera,so i carry n8 which has very good quality camera with xenon flash. I have 3sim card,so carry one more phone nokia 8800 series,sapharine.i had almost every 8xxx series including 2 8600luna at same time when it was top phone,sooo good looking but paint from metal back is falling off so easly. thats crap for phone that cost almost 1500 us $ in my country.
i want to say,thats more expesnive phone then htc one x and nokia n8 together but is so luxury filling,and good looking.and I dont wanna mp3player, i dont wanna mid range camera,i dont wanna big lcd. i just wanna best design, and best quality material made from. i'd allways love my 8910 titan,8800 black and white screen its so luxury and good looking theese days also. after that newer series had color lcd with no so many collors,not so good ppi lcd,and nowdays lcd and functions look like crap. So its better not have so many crap functions.

this se pureness its that type of phone,just something new, wanna be luxury, u paid so much cuz od lcd.but it wont be a much money if its meant to be top luxury phone. id like to pay more if its have better design and better quality materials.

I simply dont wanna phone that it Supposed to be luxury series,but made of crap plastic, crap looking green se mark behind,crap looking keyboard,and feel and quality of keyboard is terrible after some longer usage.

im tired of buying new models,all plastic.what for. where is old good days whey we spend lots of money,on motorola v70, nokia series 8xxxx,hunderds and hunders of dollars,but man that was so luxury and goodlooking over others plastic brick..

I'm not filthy rich, man that isnt tousends and tousends of dollars.Im just fan of nice looking phones. like someone collect brand tshirt,jeans,and specialy watches which can be sooo expensive.I just wanna have more luxury phones to little change over days. Im waiting for titan made phone 5" lcd and perfect camera with xenon haha,but ill must wait few years more for i just wanna more metal luxury phone,forget about plastic .metal is future:)) haha so lond post. greetings from Croatia.

  • AnonD-83328

momo, 14 Dec 2012how much in dollars is this?369 us$

  • momo

how much in dollars is this?

  • AnonD-79264

I saw the price today and it says INR 14990.

To spend INR 50,000 would be ridiculous even if it is make a style statement!

  • hk

mishra_stoner, 21 Sep 2012Looks classy, can I buy it in India. The price is 1000$USD ... moreyes u are right

  • mishra_stoner

Looks classy, can I buy it in India. The price is 1000$USD i.e. 50000INR. Am I right?

  • Ateet

HI, i want to buy this phone.. can you help me with the price? and where to get it from?

  • jep

AnonD-10535, 10 Jun 2011Call me on +91 9819849949 if you want to buy Sony ericsson ... moreim interested in buying your xperia pureness pleased send me a txts asap regarding on how much and where you from tnxs

  • Arman Avalyan

saim, 18 Apr 2012what thing is better in this cell can any one explain it pl... moreIts price is only for its originality (transparent screen).

  • ognaite

saim, 18 Apr 2012what thing is better in this cell can any one explain it pl... morethe screen is transparent

  • saim

what thing is better in this cell can any one explain it please i did not understand this cell have no camera , WLAN and other features . so tell me why it is better please

  • Anonymous

its kinda good stuff guys.. its awesome!

  • alice

does it sell in malaysia?

  • Anonymous

bobby, 23 Apr 2011please if u can help me find one to buy, i would be glad...... moreits good men i am allso using tis

  • Adi

I was thinking of a phone like this, and Sony Ericsson has one what i had thought

  • Sony Ericsson Fan

Dee, 07 Jul 2011What is the meaning of this product????? I wonder who desi... moreIt's all about luxury, for sure.

  • AnonD-37287

i think its look good if xperia pureness be made touchscreen monocrome with jack 3.5 mm and high resolution camera

  • sunny

fone, 11 Oct 2011why this fone is to much expensive??classic gold is always costly