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Sony Ericsson Xperia ray

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  • SE4ever

Bought it in 2012 and used it for few years. Since last year I use it again as my remote work phone (for calls only). It works great. All the best for Sony Ericsson fans.

  • snomsz

oh my high school phone, ez to carry, great camera, one hand control

  • AntoZ

My dream phone...but i'dont much money in my pocket for buying this phone that year i am using LG G6..its just enough for me.

  • Solne4nii

Great device! is used it for 5 years and after i'll brought it to my friend who used it 3 years more. Sad than developers do not maintain it any more. I would like to buy such a new one as a keepsake.

  • Anonymous

Razel_Gsmarena, 26 May 2020Same! My very 1st Android Sony the best I ever had than any... moreThe coolest phone ever used till date.. playing dead trigger was fun.the display quality was was stolen from my home.just look at the specs its just 512 mb of ram ...and now a days 4 to 6 gb rAm phone also that time apps was very optimize dur to hardware limitations

Have been using this phone for many years now. It's so small and convenient to carry, i just cannot get myself to start using the bigger and bulkier new phones. Sadly, whatsapp stopped supporting the Android 2.3 this year. This phone is upgradable to Android 4.0.4. But Sony doesn't do it anymore. Anyone knows how I can upgrade the OS on this model?

  • Vipin kumar

I like this phone and I want buy this phone

  • Razel_Gsmarena

Same! My very 1st Android Sony the best I ever had than any galaxy phone at that time
It's interface, controls, home screen looks great and played Dead Trigger for so long with it
And now I using Sony XZ2, one of the most powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset for now

I recently wrote following post/comment/review at a youtube.. If sony is monitoring this page; plz read this, i bet they would have read youtube one too. I am adding a point here for Xperia Ray as being its cult follower. The time is right and high for Xperia Ray 2 too. Z Ultra recurrence news are roaming too; stronger than ever/2013. For RAY.. today i calculated that within its 111mm (vertical and 53mm horizontal) how large screen can be accomodated. And it turned out to be 4.84-inch screen!!! (diagonal)... If we reduce diagonal length by 1mm for front camera ( then still we can have 4.8-inch diagonal screen. This is like packing Xperia M2's screen in RAY's body. For why i have written this para .. plz read below pretext (prev post).

I am still rocking Xperia Z Ultra. Using Greenify etc to cram stuff and keep meager (back then alot) 2gb RAM relieved.
But i don't believe this youtube captioned phone will be called ultra.
( is perfect on revelation of "5 II" saying ... "Xperia 5 II will also be a model like the downsized version of the Xperia 1 II"
( is the only pic of "10 Plus II" i believe in the wild but i guess there is a flaw in it. Top button on side is at exact same distance from the bottom of last rear-camera lense of "10 Plus" .. since the "10 Plus II" will be taller phone .. the drift in distance of this top button from the last lense will be more. This drift can be observed by comparing 2019 "Xperia 10" and "10 Plus". So the picture in this 2 URL is at max some internal sony presentation to plot a roadmap (say waterproof) for "10 Plus II" using "10 II" diagram for the reference or nearest neighbour for reference in time being of that internal meeting.
"Z Ultra" has cult following and "Xperia Ray" too ... pitty is sony is not understanding success of "Xperia Ray" despite i have told many time in various forums.. Xperia Ray's 111mm height is best for "shirt" front pocket placement side-ways.. my dad used to love as it could lay sideways in front pocket and used to get gripped their because of the gentle stretch. The sleekness allowed him to even further put an ID card etc in front and back of it. Sadly sony is ruining this aspect with so called later "compacts". i guess the nearest which came was 115mm docomo specific model Xperia-SX which despite 4mm taller and with japanese firmware i was willing to get shipped to my country. After this no phone came 111mm/115mm height (127mm min/least compact went in height which is pathetic compared to "2011" phone (Ray) with 1Ghz cpu and 720p camera, i remember sony said they did 1 and half year research to cram all this tech in this form factor) but the with later compacts the Compact theme has gone down the drain and Ray lost its cult followings taking. Dear sony why no doing similar researches to continue your legacy!?!
Same i repeatedly wrote on forums that Z-Ultra is a trialed and tested chassis which can house and sony can just slap a 7-inch monster screen in it just by making room through reduced bazels thanks to side benefits of current manufacturing optimisations sony doesnt have to do much yet killing everything around from samsung-notes, to iphone-max to "even" ipad-minis.. THey had the very last burning amber/hope in form of Z3-Tablet-Compact which they could somewhat achieve similar goals but curbing its bezels and putting an ear-piece in front (god know what they'll do with next tablet-compact)... because of all these measures sony staff themselves is accomplice in letting apple to step on their face and move ahead (metaphor). The leaked internal animosities/feuds at sony between Sony-Alpha (camera) and Xperia departments shows lack of above coherence (although only very recently 2019 with Xperia-1 they have befriended these 2 depts) they are still behaving like ex-Vaio department on above said piece of cakes... sigh... this is the company which can bankrupt apple in 1 day .. since sony source most from own divisions.. they have own camera (and producing for apple since iphone4), sony has own LCD div, own audio tech, own modem (then sony-ericsson), own storage (qxd etc) tech , even own asics (bravia, qn1 etc) so there is no doubt they can outcast apple, samsung etc within days.

  • Anonymous

This is my first android smartphone, I kinda missed its small body and its compact feel

  • Anonymous

Even to this day, I love the Android interface design of the Sony Ericsson 2011 phones. I might buy this phone just as a music player and alarm clock.

  • Ruit

Aadrian, 25 Mar 2019This was my first android phone before moving to the Lumia ... moreNice, this was also my first smartphone before i switched to the lumia 920

This was my first android phone before moving to the Lumia 920 which looked so big in comparison with this Xperia. Very nice small device with a sharp screen, it was very thin for the time. It got slow after updating to android 4 especially when you used the live wallpapers. Overall it was a very nice phone with the good old Sony Ericsson quality.

peter the great, 09 Feb 2019better to be small but powerful, dear katerinka!*attempts to not be /r/whooshed* funny...

peter the great, 09 Feb 2019better to be small but powerful, dear katerinka!Wow, someone gets the reference. Anyway, it might have been at the time of when the phone was released, certainly not now though.

  • peter the great

Catherine the Great, 02 Nov 2018If you're planning on getting this phone in 2018 (for whate... morebetter to be small but powerful, dear katerinka!

THE best. Seriously amazing for its time, a bit small but the performance, all the options available.. phenomenal. I wish I wasnt such a stupid kid back then and didnt ruin it completely. It was such in a poor condition I gave it away for free. My fault tho, it was a strong and resistable phone. I would give anything to have it again. 10/10.

If you're planning on getting this phone in 2018 (for whatever reason), keep in mind it's unbearably small.

  • Anonymous

Can't get on to the internet?

  • Aswinbala IFS

Using it with android 6.0 based cyanogen OS after 6 years...