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  • Ravz

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2010i have on my phone a japaniese kewboard and i want to remove it ... moreWhen you are typing something like in text box...just hold the ur finger a little longer in the typing space and u will get an option of input it and then click on android/SE keyboard depending on ur choice.

  • Ravz

[deleted post]Exactly :)

  • Anonymous

i have on my phone a japaniese kewboard and i want to remove it how can i do that???

  • Phoenix

How To Set Up Different Types of Connectivity Xperia X10 Video ...­ow-to-set-up-different-types-of-connectivity-xpe­ria-x10-phone-video/

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Hi,phoenix long time,did u buy ur x 10 friend?i am the one who played mediater that night if you remember me?

  • Phoenix

Xperia X10 Official ROMS/Firmwares­p/t-676181.html

  • Phoenix

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2010Wow this phone lacks in the colour department compared to the ot... moreafter OS upgrade it'll show 16m colors

  • Phoenix

sorry for the multiple repeated posts guys, something is wrong with my IE!

  • Anonymous

Wow this phone lacks in the colour department compared to the other new smartphones. I thought most go for 16M now, minimum is 256k, but 65k? That's just crazy.

  • Phoenix

don't take me wrong! I'm not saying that no one has the right to say negative things about X10, just say it fairly and in the right way. this forum is for both, negative and positive opinion.

this is the first android phone made by SE, it has some lacks, but many of these lacks will be resolved. all you have to do is updating the firmware(it's available) and waiting for OS update(will be available in Q4 2010)

thanks again.

  • Phoenix

come on guys, finish this childish work! X10 is not the best phone, but it's really good and popular, if you have problem with it, go and stick with something you like, no need to stick with us in this damn forum and bash all the time!! many people are useing this forum for their own fun and that's not right at all! please guys, leave this place in peace, thanks.

  • ttt

help who know how to check item in memory card in x10......i fine in office quit cannot see tat item

  • andi

I downloaded android apps into my PC for my XPERIA X10. Anybody could tell me the procedures on how to install these apps to my X10 from PC?. Thanks for the help.

  • Anonymous

@Erik This is a X10 'praise' forum. You won't get any help in here if you say you don't like SE phones. Your problem is well known though. You are not alone, if that is any consolation. The poor battery time and bad ear piece (correct spelling), are probably the worst things affecting the X10. Unfortunately there isn't much one can do. If you want a nice, top of the range Android device, look at the Samsung Galaxy. At least the OS is up to date and the battery will last longer.

  • Stefan

Bradley, 12 Jun 2010At present 2.2 update is not available. SE promised the update in Q4.You might be right about the phone but that does not give you the right to offend the persons that appreciated it. I also have criticised this handset a couple of times but i believe it should be done in a polite and civilised maner

  • Erik

I am sending this very message from a X10. I am very very disappointed with Sonyericsson. This will be my last phone I buy from them. The battery never last a full day and I am on my 3battery now thinking there was something wrong with the first 2. The ear peace sound is pathetic and there is nothing one can do about it. I put up with this crap for almost 3months now. Enough is enough. Do you chaps know which is a good, modern Android cell with a long lasting battery and loud enough ear peace volume?

  • Bradley

Yvan, 12 Jun 2010Can anyone tell me if this cell can update to Froyo 2.2At present 2.2 update is not available. SE promised the update in Q4.

  • peter

My wife has one. It is an awful phone and we are going to take it back having used it for 3 weeks. Battery life is poor. Recharge for 2 hours and then goes flat in 10 mins of use. The 8mp camera has instructions on how to use the flash but there is no flash - ignore the specs at the top there is no led flash - can't take any night time shots they come out dark and blurred - even from 3 feet away with the permanent light on and brightness turned all the way up.

When you answer the phone your ear can cancel the call. The ringer is very quiet - can't hear it. The volume when someone talks is too low - can't actually hear anyone in cafe - and dont try putting your ear next to the phone as it will cancel the call as said earlier.

There is an odd way of having to phone someone from your contacts - you have to try it to know what we are on about. Avoid it like the plague. She's had various SE phones in the past - I've never liked SE - Nokia myself but this is the worst!!

The password screen lock you do via a pattern and connect the dots. It takes about 2 seconds to remember someone's pattern - so the lock is useless.

The gps only works when you have a signal there is no map built in. So if you drive to an area with no phone reception like the countryside trying to find a B&B then the map stops working - there seems to be no built in map. Surely this can't be right - but when I go to maps all I see is a grey screen with the ability to scroll to an image of the area that was last in range.

When we were migrating from the 880i it took me 2 hours to copy the settings across - could not get bluetooth to copy to the Sony Data Suite - the X10 is not a supported phone - eventually had to connect via the SE website and upload the phone settings that way but it didn't migrate any pictures, documents etc. Should have got rid of it at that point!

  • Yvan

Can anyone tell me if this cell can update to Froyo 2.2