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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]To Phoenix

I got a sample of X10 from a local dealer for free, its a back color, just turned it on and used for 1hour, did not have much time to go through, its beautiful, shiny,looks it needs some extra care to use, time is up for me to sleep, bye

Have a nice day

  • Phoenix

[deleted post]i think you need to clear something first, what do you mean i never change?!

and i red his comment and imo he was write!!

  • Phoenix

Anonymous, 29 May 2010Hello SE 2010 I am not a moto guy, I clearly stated why i did... moreand i really appreciate your honesty about that promise mate :)

So...just tell me something, where are you from exactly? please tell me cause i'm an asian too! ;)

  • Anonymous

SE 2010, 29 May 2010Hey annoying moto guy :> It seems that you like Japanese t... moreHello SE 2010

I am not a moto guy, I clearly stated why i did not like SE. I am a seller of Mobile phone. I lost 20 million in my local currency caused by SE returns. And covered them with selling low end motos and NOKs, so I respect them.I had a fair reason to hate SE.

I am not good in English, coz i am Asian

I promised not to bash SE here, peace-phoenix, I saw one of you even fought with an american guy, an white -war, how rude of you two.

the biggest joke you got there was that you were mentioning ATI as an Canadian Company and beats Nvidia (USA- Taiwan company) .

I am in Asia but I know that ATI belongs to USA now from 2006, AMD bought it all over,I could have mentioned it there and give a little support to that guy,and he will remove your cloths after knowing it for sure. But it was not my business, I never wanted to hang with you.

And now again after peace you want to hang with me, and I never told that i hate Japanese product,My current use is a sharp 923sh,Motorola aura

As Asians we have close relation ships to Japan than you do!! and you were in a Black and white war with you nearest neighbor.really a shame how you treated your own neighbor and also your kind white guy,as far as I know US-canada has a good relationship

today I got new samples from sharp,includes a sharp aquos shot, I can sell it better than se's,in a more trust worthy manner, all the returned satio users wanted that,

peace please , I have promised to phoenix to make better peace place.

  • Anonymous

The milestone was never released in some countryes including my own . Without being a motorola fan i believe it's to early to pronounce the company demiese until the phones division is shut down. Eny objective observer looking at the specs of the announced motorola phones would be interested if he is not a die hard fan of another company. I agree that xperia 10 enjoys succes in some countries but in others other phones sell better. In my country the desire is the top seller even if there are better deals from vodafone for xperia. And looking from another perspective....why should i wait for the upgrade in september october (if it comes) when i can buy the galaxy S ?

  • SE 2010

More great news for X10 users ! Now the awaited creatouch program is ready to be downloaded from playnow arena.­­

  • SE 2010

Anonymous, 29 May 2010the best shot in industry " Aqua shot" http://www... moreHey annoying moto guy :>

It seems that you like Japanese tech after all! And sharp are the best regarding camera phones. And don't forget they are the fist company that introduced a phone with a camera attached in it.

  • Anonymous

sorry, " Aquos shot"

  • Anonymous

the best shot in industry " Aqua shot"

  • SE 2010

Canadianman20, 29 May 2010Sony and Google have formed an amazing partnership in the pc spa... moreI couldn't agree more buddy :)

Did you watch how fast and smooth the X10 mini operates!!?? Dude it's like the iphone. Just imagine after the upgrade how insane it will be.

By the way mike just too let you know, the X10 mini has a much higher sound than the X10. The sound is almost high as walkman devices from SE.

And for you folks who didn't have the chance to watch the X10 mini in action take a look at this video, I'm sure you will be impressed.­eature=player_embedded

  • SE 2010

mike1200, 29 May 2010Which Nokia and HTC products do you have? Is it all old or 20... moreI owned a Nokia N95 + E66 + I experienced nokia N86.

I also owned an HTC touch pro 2 + I experienced the hero for a while.

  • Canadianman20

SE 2010, 29 May 2010Right now I own an Xperia X2 :) I also owned several handsets... moreSony and Google have formed an amazing partnership in the pc space, mobile space and now the tv space. The rest aggrivate and Sony inovates :P Im curious to see how insane sales are for the X10 mini line. Teens and young people love cheap smartphones and the X10 line is just that :)

  • mike1200

SE 2010, 29 May 2010Right now I own an Xperia X2 :) I also owned several handsets... moreWhich Nokia and HTC products do you have?

Is it all old or 2009,2010 purchases?

  • SE 2010

mike1200, 29 May 2010You believe you can fly, lol. Hey SE 2010, What kind of ph... moreRight now I own an Xperia X2 :)

I also owned several handsets from SE, Samsung, Nokia and HTC.

And I'm looking forward for an Andriod handset in the future and it will most likely be from Sony Ericsson or HTC. Because I believe they are still at the top of the game till today.

  • SE 2010

This is what one of the satisfied users told me in the X2 forum:

You're absolutely right SE 2010! And thank u so much for all your contributions to this forum. You kept our hopes alive while we waited for MR2...and I'm now so glad i bought X2.

You know, i was going to buy an iPhone, but it was out of stock, so i bought X2 instead, mainly because i had been hugely satisfied with SE P910i and P990, and also because i thought the sliding qwerty keyboard would be enjoyable. In addition i expected it to have some of iPhone's animations and cool features. Now i have all that, thanks to SE for releasing MR2, and to developers of third-party apps for the WinMo smartphones.

And whenever i feel like using the iPhone interface, i just switch to the MS Today panel, where i have activated the iPhoneToday plugin!

The X2 just rocks!


The thing is guys, se is really different and special and you need to have some decent knowledge to see for your self the huge difference between SE and other manufactures!

So unless you have what it takes to understand and realize the difference, either you participate here with something useful about the X10 or related to SE. Or otherwise be quiet and stop advertising for other phones!

Because in one word we are not intersted! If we were we would have been in their forums not here.


I tell u Xperia X2 rocks!

  • mike1200

SE 2010, 29 May 2010I believe I can fly hehe :P Dear Mike, Come on why would y... moreYou believe you can fly, lol.

Hey SE 2010,

What kind of phone do you have?

Hearing with the headphones make me feel like its another world, lol.

1 of the best devices in the market, I hope your right.

  • Canadianman20

Droid twins, 29 May 20101. droid first to be released with android 2.0 and updated to 2.... moreSomeone posted the standings for the Uk and top selling phones. X10 was top of that list. I asked a telus rep in Canada and he said milestone is not selling well. X10 is the highest selling smartphone in Japan, even beating apple. In the USA it's not secret moto sells, but outside of the USA moto is either not selling or is unknown. X10 vs droid global sales numbers, X10 is on track to beat the droid. I'm not saying the droid is bad, just not as good as the X10. I'm 100% satisfied with the X10 and SE phones in general and it's clear most of the world is to as SE is the number 4 selling brand in the world.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 201065k screen are u freaking kidding me SEknock knock.....wake up!!! in september update for 16m colors nd HD cam features r coming..

  • SE 2010

mike1200, 29 May 2010Since you asked for it, let me tell you the things I don't like.... moreI believe I can fly hehe :P

Dear Mike,

Come on why would you even consider playing rm? It's so outdated and has bad quality, our generation is the mp3+mp4 generation :P

Anyway, from what you said I think you like the device more than you dislike it. The major problem is the sound, specially switching from a nokia to se, I totally understand where your coming from. SE handsets don't have high sound speakers like nokia's unless it's a Walkman.

On the brighter side the clarity and pureness in the sound is much better than nokia, plus hearing the music with the headphones make you live in another world you must admit this hehe.

So I hope the next update will make the sound higher, although I can't promise U anything. But in the meanwhile just try to appreciate the beast you have in your hands, trust me it's one of the best devices in the market today :D

  • SE 2010

x10 user, 29 May 2010sony ericsson lies also they launch a rumor that x10 will be rel... moredude give me a break will ya??

Sony never officially announced that the X10 will get 2.1 Andriod out of the box. I don't care about rumors because rumors are endless. I'm speaking about official statements from the company it self. Do you know that samsung had an official advertisement that the behold will be upgraded to andriod 2.0 and now they are claiming that the hardware can't accept it!! A big ugly lie as usual from samsung.

Do you know that till today the omnia 2 is being sold in developed countries such as Canada and Australia with wm 6.1!!!

The same version that came with the Xperia X1 in 2008! What a joke! And people accuse the X10 of being outdated. Samsung also promised to upgrade the omnia 2 this month but till now there is nothing! On the other hand, the Xperia X2 got 3 updates till now, and the last was the latest version of wm 6.5.3

The difference is massive! So please don't compare between the both. And after that some samsung noobs come here and tell me the wave will destory the x10 what a joke! I like jokes by the way hehe they assist me in having a better mood :>