Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

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  • Firespawn

Just a word for all the cell users, since there is no exact place to put a post like this. i work for a large comunications company, and you upeople make me want to laugh and cry all at the same time. You yak yak yak all bloody day on your cells, burn up your minutes,txt till your thumbs bleed, run your charges through the roof...and then have the nerve to call me up and YELL at ME for YOUR inability to control yourself. Why is my bill so high, why am i getting charged for text mesages,I gave my teeneger a cellphone without thinking of the consequences of their inevetable actions, i cant afford all this.....

I have two simple words that will help you manage your cellphone bills...


you honestly DO NOT need to be in communication with everyone you've ever known, every minute of every day.

STOP TALKING...turn the cellphone off, put the cellphone DOWN and step away with your hands in the air. go be out of communication for a few hours a's good for you!!!

  • Anonymous

A secondary android powered device

  • SoLzz

Cool specs .......hope it wont hav much high price...

small ,cute

  • Phoenix

Hi baby...
Stick to your big brother,it's not safe here!!!
X10 will take care of you :D

  • Anonymous

How about robyn will become x9, with small x...

  • Venom

shouldn't name be SE Xperia X10 mini
Robyn should be prototypes name according to some sites

  • iqpreay

SE robyn's screen should be of 3"inch or 2.8"inch screen

  • Sony E Lover

i like design, but screen size better about 2.8inch, thanks

  • xtian

kent w8...

  • jc

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2010cool. hope it has a good price for its features. hoping ... moreye,,

  • jc

i want 2 buy one..

  • xtian

wow its a nice and cute phone of sony ericsson ..
the cute version of sony ericsson xperia x10..
its a great phone..

  • copito


  • Anonymous

cool. hope it has a good price for its features.

hoping more phones like this from SE

  • Mobilemaster

Robyn has a 5MP camera, 2.6 inch QVGA screen, Android OS(probably 1.6), touchscreen. BY the way this is a mid range phone, not a high-end one. :) I think it is GOOD for a mid range phone.

  • Anonymous

Will this be competing with like 5230 and 5530? Well, Interesting, but screen is too damn small. At least someone other than nokia is bringing entry level smartphones to us!

  • Batmyn

Always keep this in your pocket pants, when you're in a hurry and forget to bring your X10, you still have another android phone with u. :D

  • Anonymous

i love you se

  • Anonymous

Specs look good, and it'll be a good low price Android device!

  • Rakeb

first...........bravo sonyericsson