Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 gets an update, not the one you expected

30 May, 2011

Sony Ericsson has just released another update for its Xperia X10 former flagship. Itís not the Gingerbread release everyone was hoping for, but it seems to be a pretty major one nonetheless. There are plenty of changes brought and all early adopters claim to notice a substantial improvement in performance.

The update is version number is 2.1.B.0.1 and it seems to boost screen responsiveness and general performance with the effects being most prominent in Timescape. Thereís also a new baseband in the package, which reportedly benefits signal strength and in-call sound quality. Switching between 2G and 3G networks is now said to be faster and initiating a call takes shorter time.

Some have noticed a change in battery life for the better (but then others claim that itís worse) and thereís now voice search integration just about anywhere where you can need it Ė search bar, browser etc.

A pretty major change is the system-wide availability of multi-touch. The X10 got official multi-touch support with its previous update, but that only worked in some of the apps.

On the visual side of things Sony Ericsson introduced minor tweaks to the notification area, dialer pad and status bar. New animations have also appeared around the interface and they seem to be smoother than before.

Hackers will be pleased to know that the rooting solution from previous ROMs is compatible with this new one, so you wonít be losing control over your system by updating.

So what are you waiting for Ė go check out if the update has become officially available to your area. If it hasnít you can always follow the source link to the XDA-developers forum, where you can find instructions on how to flash it manually. Mind you, you should only do this if you really know what you are doing.