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Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • Mac2006

I have this phone until now. It is still in working condition, have some minor scratch. The battery have not replaced before. Now I keep it in my cabinet. I still remember, my mainly used phone (iPhone 4s) is stolen. I use back my old X8 as my main phone for about 6 months until I am gifted a Samsung Galaxy S3. That time, as a student is not a problem at all for sms and call. This phone become one part of my youth memory. The overall disadvantage of this phone is lack of multi-touch support.

  • IAN Samoei KE.

Sony Ericsson xperia X8 reminds me of my 1st vivid memories n experience of a smartphone.. It was way ahead of its time... Esp Design wise, usability. N just consumer appeal... The Timescape mode was the best of the very best..

  • Max3D

I have it for 9 years, have been a backup phone since it can no longer support latest apps. If any of my expensive smartphone going down i'm using this phone for basic call and sms. This phone tough like tank and amazingly the battery still runs excellent and havemore power stamina than todays smartphone.

This is my favorite phone all the time.

Nicknam, 17 Oct 2018OLD, BUT GOLD. It was the best phone that I had. It w... moreI really hope the phone you use nowadays can live up to that full potential

  • Anonymous

Nicknam, 17 Oct 2018OLD, BUT GOLD. It was the best phone that I had. It w... moreYou were so lucky with your X8, my X8 couldn't be bootloader-unlocked so I was stuck on 2.3.7


It was the best phone that I had. It was compact and full of features. There was a lot of support on XDA-developers for this device, so many custom ROMs, kernels and mods.

I remember, when I got my first smartphone (Xperia X8). I was amazed by its features (GPS, WiFi, Android apps...). Then I realised that java2me phones became useless. I couldn't go back to non-Android devices any more.
It lost usability, when its stock Android 2.1 became unsupported by many apps. Then, I decided to revive it, so I installed custom ROM Cyanogenmod 9 (ICS) with custom kernel. I used to overclock it, play games, install system mods, tweak software, customize it... Only thing I didn't like is armv6 CPU, which can't support newer apps.
Once it was accidentally laundered in washing machine, but I revived it later. It is in pretty good condition now, except some stains inside display.

I still have it today, but it is outdated device, so it isn't in use.

  • nanahira

i miss this phone, i lost it damn

  • Javier

I had my first android experience with this phone, very exited about performance very good.Worth having on 2018 for calls and browsing.

  • LynxSthlm

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2018My first Android phone... I have here with me working fine,... moreYeaaa i still use it. as extra phone, for calls. and alarm. like it!

  • Anonymous

My first Android phone... I have here with me working fine, good memories when I use it.

  • JThies32

AnonD-714578, 09 Nov 2017This was, as it is the case with many other users, my first... moreBelieve it or not, but I'm using that exact same Phone with the original 2 GB memory card.
That's because it was my first Android phone as well and my "normal" phone broke a while ago. Surprisingly this phone is still usable as daily driver, but it's a shame that some Apps like the "Market" App (before Google Play), YouTube and WhatsApp aren't supported anymore.

  • JThies32

AnonD-700665, 15 Sep 2017still the best ever smartphoneYeah, you're right. For it's time it was a very good phone...

  • AnonD-714578

This was, as it is the case with many other users, my first Android phone. I have very fond memories of the day I bought it; I was so happy I was able to switch from my old Symbian! (It was a long time ago and the store I bought it from doesn't exist anymore)
I kept this device as my daily driver for only one year, but it is one of the most robust phones I have ever owned. Back then specs weren't really important, so it didn't matter if it had only ~200MB of RAM or a (pretty slow) 600Mhz processor.
I fortunately never sold my X8, and it still is on my desk as of this day, as a reminder of the simpler times of Android 1.6.

  • AnonD-700665

still the best ever smartphone

  • AnonD-696124

AnonD-519850, 11 Aug 2017Like many comments i've read and came across, this also was... moreAnd yet again from the nexus 5 i jumped to the oneplus 5. I still have a little space in my heart for the xperia x8, lasted me 5 years and still works today, while the nexus 5 already malfunctioned leaving me no choice other than upgrading...

  • AnonD-519850

Like many comments i've read and came across, this also was my first ever smartphone. It was nice, it was a gift. Even tho it was cheap it had all the functionalities.
The problem lied on it's processor, Ram, internal storage and unable to move apps to the SD card. So ye, i was happy overall with it, it did the job but it took it's time xD
When technology evolved I had too. 3 years later i bought a Nexus 5 in 2014.
Now that is a phone, still using it today.
Back to the X8, it had a good camera back then, but with so many issues coming. The screen was scratched, the battery was garbage after 3 years, browing the internet was a pain in the A$$, 3G partially worked. Overall i was happy with it
But i'm glad i changed to my nexus 5, what a jump.

  • FrothFrenzy

This phone is a true survivor - had it for 6 years before I changed it to a newer model, and only because some important banking apps required 5.0+ Android. However, 2.1 Eclair just didn't cut it... so I rooted it, installed FroyoPro, and eventually ditched Google apps because they were hogging the storage and memory. Formatted the SD card so it had an ext2 partition, installed link2sd, and the phone worked like a boss. At times I had almost a week of battery uptime with light usage, I'm not kidding. Tbh, I would've kept it as it was if not for the necessary software update, as it was incredibly reliable and could run all of the needed apps, even GPS. And realistically - what more would you even need from a phone?

  • Harry

Whatsapp unsupported. whatsapp is unfair company and software. i have tried install wechat to my old symbian phone. it still work fine. wechat still leave version for older phone and still fine. whatsapp is unfair because pushing user to update the lastest version and reject older smartphone user. i really hates whatsapp

  • Anonymous

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