Sony Ericsson Yendo

Sony Ericsson Yendo

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  • casper

AnonD-707811, 13 Oct 2017i'm using this mobile since 1 jan 2012. this is the worlds stron... moresame here, i bought it on 2011,,, its stil working, i rmember d days i spend hating it n tossing it, now in starting to like it,,,

  • AnonD-716026

From the way I see it, this is by far Sony Ericsson's most obscure phone.

  • AnonD-707811

i'm using this mobile since 1 jan 2012. this is the worlds strongest mobile. many times it hangs while using and i get anger and throw this mobile at the wall. but the mobile never and sound quality is awesome.

  • AnonD-596296

anupam, 14 Jan 2015i purchased this phone in dec/2009 and i am still using that pho... moreit was launched in june 2010 but u bought in year 2009 ???

  • rajat

i am using this phone sinve from last six years the phone sony ericsson yendo is superb i will rate it 5 out of 5 because it throw it form 7 floor to buy new phone but this phone not broken not even a single scrath is there but this phone hang alot sound quality is awsome and 2 mp like 8 mp of compare to samsung j2 on pro

  • yamuna jayampathy

issues are there . But Star class phone.

  • AnonD-561180

tj, 08 Aug 2015update it using sony pc companion But Sony PC companion isn't recognizing this device.

  • tj

r ev, 30 Mar 2015i use this phone for 5 years . i throw this phone to wall ,water... moreupdate it using sony pc companion

  • aman

I am useing this phone 5 year but yet there is no technical problem this phone is awesome i love this phone its sound is superbe 5 out of 5 rating i want to give this phone

  • r ev

i use this phone for 5 years . i throw this phone to wall ,water and height theres still no hardware problem . but too many problem on software hang and restart automatically.

  • Debashish

Hello, I am using this phone from last 4 years. The best thing, it has very good picture quality. its 2 mega picxel picture is far better than 5 or more Mega picxel of other mobiles. very handy and strong so that it would not damage even if get fallen from a height. My 1 yr daughter often throws it away on the floor. but there is no any damage.
One major problem that i faced right from a week after i bought, that the phone got hang time and again.

  • Anonymous

I can't use it in USA,is there any way to use it in USA?

  • raj

i bought this mobile in battery problem ,proment internet connection through operamini, but whatsapp for java will not worked n this mob,supper music system,good touch sensable
still now i used this mobile

  • @John

John, 23 Jan 2015Its looks gud.. Bt slow.. We can't sent vids through bluetooth..... moreThis phone is 5 YEARS OLD what do you expect? So your rating is useless.

  • John

Its looks gud.. Bt slow.. We can't sent vids through bluetooth.. :-) :-) i'l give 1.1/10

  • anupam

i purchased this phone in dec/2009 and i am still using that phone.
only battery problem is happen but still in running condition.

  • Rishi

jai, 26 May 2014don't ever buy this phone..too much software problems..You're correct. I am also having this phone and I am using this phone from 3 years. But you can use this phone for outgoing and incoming calls and to listen music. I hope you will grant this comment on your review.

  • les rock

Melissa, 19 Aug 2014Hello frndz, I had bought this phone 3yrs before & till now... morehmmmmmmm

  • sreejith

simply waste of money
i used this phone for 3 year and listed following defect
low inbuilt memmory(5mb) .hanging each min .low vedio performance . low battery life . didnt support live streaming .
mp4 wont suppport . poor sound clarity . poor gamming performance . low RAM . low extension memmory

by buyng this phone take your money and throw it to sea........
that much useless......

  • Denizen Mores

After using this phone for more than a year,I observed the following merits and demerits.


- Using this phone in Kenya with the constant network failures the mouth piece fails unless you switch it on especially when you try to call and an info says "network busy".
- With or without the maximum memory card storage of 16GB,the phone reboots after turning it on.The remedy for this is immediately when it turn on give it a task like loading music,videos or pictures.
- No file manager to enable you set moods for music.Optional is just saving in new folders via computer.
- Cannot transfer video files via Bluetooth.
- No games,you experience hitches while downloading them.
- Memory card slot so exposed.
- The clock cannot be remove neither can you place a screen saver
- Limited space to draft notes.
- Outdated games like BB Revolution,Orkut,Nightclub fever,Play Now and Track ID.How do you update them?
- One colour for background while accessing the phone that is Blue.....nkt!
- Charging/USB port exposed to dirt and dust easily.
- Earphones jack pin projects at 45 degrees - poor design.
- The unlocking same as switching off function...not good.
- Calculator options minimal for an accountant or engineer.


- Good picture quality
- Excellent music sound.
- Light weight and pocket friendly.
- Free fall doesn't make it malfunction,it only spoils the casing.
- Each caller has different ring tones...nice
- Photo call enabled..trendy
- Music sound can be of different emission i.e pop,soul,jazz etc
- Easy to transfer files to a computer
- Bright screen light in darkness but no torch.
- Call history clears all not only one.
- Nice user call volume.
- Faster charging.