Sony Ericsson Z200

Sony Ericsson Z200

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  • Thatha

I really want it, but i couldn't find it :-(

  • mark

aaaa, 14 Oct 2010hi friebds i love this phone .every thing i like.but i got lcd o... morehi i got the lcd of this phone where are you

  • raunak jana

i feel this is the best looking phone in the whole should be upgraded with an advanced software and stuff with the same will sell ,millions


how can i get cell phone. i really like this z200 cell phone.i wat to buy

  • Anonymous

ahhg, i want it so much... my e52 lcd is broken, n i want this phone...

  • aaaa

hi friebds i love this phone .every thing i like.but i got lcd of same broken.can you tell i can get it.

  • Miriam

I think this sucks!!!!! The polyphonic ringtones were excellent - I need them back.

  • Admirer

Old memories

Seems like yesterday, i was in grade 8 & had saved up money to buy something. I ended up with this phone.Wow, and i was delighted; the beauty in its design was soothing, the keypad lights just so romentic. Games were great to. But after a little journey together it required a repair as it wasnt reading my sim. So was just on my way to repair shop when it fell somewhere in the Mall. Alas! my love was lost. It's a great phone guys, it's beautiful! I have bought & seen many phones after that but no one comes close interms of beauty. My mom still says that she has not seen a better looking phone yet.

  • miss...

ı had a problem about this phone . the my phone is closed ... and dont open .. ı try different ways .. but dont open !!!

  • Victor Z

I have had this since 2004 or so. Use it only once/twice per year when going abroad (use Verizon here). I would not buy it today only because it is outdated, no EDGE, no 3G. That said, it is an excellent phone for calls or text messages, and the battery has survived all these years.


I think this is the father of all mobiles excluding Nokia 5130c Xpress music

  • Anonymous

ive had this phone since is now 2010 and it still works, and the battery works perfectly...i guess this was made just before phones were made not to last


worst phone i have had has the shortest battery life eva pliz dont buy it.

  • jeremy bautista

......i have one,,but everytime i used it it's battery didn't last...i think it's almost 20 mins wen i use it...
........why is it???? a battery local????

  • tom

i had this phone ..but i washed it while washing my jeans was in the pocket...since then it is not working ...

  • Vicky

I've fallen in love with this phone ever since I first got it. But since yesterday I can't seem to understand why every time I close (not turn off) the phone the light that shines on the clock doesn't turn off like it used to. It's killing the battery and I can't seem to figure out why this is happening or what I did to cause my phone to do this. Any suggestions or answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

  • Eje

I want this phone,eventho i already had the T650i fr0m Sony Ericsson. I just fell in love with this phone.

  • Alex

My Mom has this phone and is obssesed with it, I don't know why because it doesen't do anything. She keeps saying new phones are total garbage, how wrong she was I stated my LG Viewty is far better than this rubbish. She says phones are for calling people, I said phones are for many other things to or why would they make them do loads of things.

  • Anonymous

hello i have one. but i lost my battery ,I love it .I hope they make know one with camera . will be great!!!!

  • Sunburn

Alex, 31 Mar 2009I have this phone and I think that it is great. It is like a wor... moreDead on!

Unique design, nice interface and great games (I think "Alien Scum" is the best looking built-in game ever). Too bad battery life is less than 20% of the same period Nokia. Mine survives for only few hours between charges. What a waste!