Sony Ericsson Z530

Sony Ericsson Z530

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  • Paul Malaysia

Bought on jun/2006. Still working condition but some times flip up no image maybe the ribbon. Always looking for secondhand in flea market. For spare parts . one a while take out to worm up the system. Good job Sony Ericsson.

  • Anonymous

Hey i want to ask if anyone knows , how to get in the internet with this phone !

The screen is just way too small.

  • sony ericsson z53oi

I have a sony ericsson z53oi phone, but I forgot the password. Please help me get rid of the password. thanks.

  • Harsh

azmal, 18 Sep 2014Please help me where can I find battery for this mobile.pls You Can Bought It's Battery On Shopcluse

  • niha, assam

I hd bought ths phn in 2006, n amazingly still it works for me whn my othr new phns betray me..i hv nokia C6-01 n recently bought asus zenfone i still feel proud for my Z530i' s royal now i m nt able 2 get da accessories..llike battery,charger mostly da casing....plz help

  • Nick

I have the phone sinsc 2007. It still works very good. Battery works a few days.

  • azmal

Please help me where can I find battery for this mobile.pls

  • Rumi

I have been using it since 2006. still it works like a new phone. it's music is very good, though k750 is best for music quality. battery is now giving me 2.5 days of backup. great battery. great earphone. great internal memory in that time.

  • Anonymous

FRANK, 12 Feb 2013after three years still using it surf, fb check emails and lot m... moreYou can get a cable on Amazon


after three years still using it surf, fb check emails and lot more, but fain to get cable that can conect from phone to the computer, could you help and tell me where i can get one.

  • Anonymous

That phone was a wonderful phone, I can't forget the feeling which I used to get while using this phone, I still remember playing games and watching videos in this phones without even having Memory stick.... :)

  • Ali

After 5 years i just have a problem on my speaker.
somebody says we can't hear you clearly it's weak...

  • Gordon

Been using it for over six years - still going strong - great compact size and rubber shell makes it a lot easier to carry around than most touch screen phones.
Recording and making my own call sounds for different numbers in my address book keep it contemporary too.
Functions well and never lets me down.
Tough, reliable and easy to use - brilliant.

  • Goale

steves, 20 Apr 2012what system oper.. of sony z530ijava OS

  • steves

what system oper.. of sony z530i

  • Anonymous

I've been happy with my phone. I need help with downloading txt I've recieved as well as video I got to get out of my phone and put on a usb stick please.

  • bb

One of the sturdiest phones ever designed. A thin layer of rubber covering about 90% of the phone makes this phone almost unbreakable to normal wear and tear.

I have used this phone since 2006. The phone has got some scratches over the years (fallen to the floor a couple of 100 times..), but other than that its working perfectly.

Battery time both for talking and standby time is outstanding. Still using the original battery after all these years, and its still working very well!

  • reza

i am using this phone since 5 years ago and its very nice.

  • Anonymous

sony ericsson Z530i it's best of it kind, despite that the bluetooth is not working and some other things is still the best and outstanding talk of browser ,games e.t.c. Men i like sony ericsson phone products, no comment again they are the best.