Sony Ericsson Z770

Sony Ericsson Z770

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  • Anonymous

This phone actually uses normal sized SIM card, not a mini-SIM. And i still use it, too, because of Open to answer call feature.

  • msm

I have this phone until now. And is still working. :-)

  • AnonD-171659

I got the "Ducati edition" with the latest software update as my second phone and It's just as good as I expected! The phone doesn't restart automatically and the sound quality is fine. Battery life, again is very good. Also, It's so unique and stylish. Personaly I'm happy and satisfied :)

  • Anonymous

If allowed to know, Mobile z770i exist in Egypt and does not
....Please reply

  • elbalshyegy

its to easy to use like that smartphone and its a hard worker

  • Saeed Egypt

I bought as it appeared in markets.It is very good phone.Working great for about 4 years now.Sound quality is perfect.Best network.Love it :)

  • G Colta

The phone is awesome, (comparing to its category) too cheap. very cute. heavy duty. reliable battery specially when working on 2G.
the mini screen is a very nice touch.
the only problem that I faced with this phone that after about 9 months of usage when I enter a number that is not register on my contacts and press dial it dials the number but the screen freezes. !! which is very annoying. also when a number calls me and this number is not registered on my contacts, the whole phone freezes and sometimes it hangs and restart.
I got a new smart phone now. also a Sony-Ericsson. I am a big fan. it is the best brand ever. also I have to say that I dropped the phone many times but it is always still working. VERY NICE PHONE

  • AnonD-48249

Do you have pc suite sony ericsson Z770i?If you have, can I download it?

  • mero

my mobile is broken can it repair

  • saif

good.but the camera didn't work .and it make restart .when i use internet

  • Anonymous

it is downlaod all the time

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

voice memo doesn't work
i always cant answer when the phone is charging

  • Anonymous

I had it for one year and a half, it was like 6 time on service, it was always shutting down and restarting himself. Many aplications did not work propeply, allthough it was on the service so many times.
Personaly I do not recomend it!

  • Sopheara

Why it Usually restart when i am listening to song and using internet? I can not download skype. It should be able to use skype.

  • thunder2k

i think its a lazy software not that good for sony ericsson witch i am a big fan ......

  • lazeeboy

bought one a few weeks ago. no problems so far. haven't used a flip phone for some time, and now i'm actually enjoying it.

maybe those that are having issues with this handset should update its firmware. mine has the latest one.

  • Egyption

this phone is a A disaster for the reputation of SE, it is vey bad software, restarts too much, have poor network, i tried in both vodafone and etisalat in egypt, im regretted to but this crap phone

  • omar

dhar, 07 Mar 2010Have you tried upgrading the firmware/software?not yet but i am gonna try.

  • SE fan since GF768

why not even one clamshell model never has autofocus- that is a big mistake - AUTOFOCUS MUST BE IN ALL SONYERICSSON MODELS - then SE will be no.1-- a friendly advice for SE managment - in a body of W710 put camera 3.2mpx-autofocus-xenon flash- led light -wlan - and you get the best phone in the world - and why volume key is no longer shortcut for letters when typing sms