Sony Ericsson Z800

Sony Ericsson Z800

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  • regie

i agree about message tone which have no other stttings to change but the whole phone is fantastics

  • Culex

to Robert
I had the same problem of the Signal Dropping down after I closed my Flip.
My Phone was still under warranty. I sent it to SE Service Centre and they installed a new reception Kit or something. Now the reception probably drops but only one or 2 bars max. It got fixed. I think it happens if you drop your phone perhaps.

I recently installed a Sony 1 GB MS Pro Duo and my battery life has reduced from 3 days to 1 day only. Has anyone else faced the same problem? Any workaround to make the battery last longer except for removing my Memory stick?
Any help appreciated.

  • Robert

Hello JB,
Yes, I had exactly the same issue with my z800i just like you. When the flip was closed, the signal started to drop, line by line, until the message NO NETWORK appeared. When I opened the flip, the signal rised in a blink of an eye, showing the full reception. I sent my phone back to the producer's service center, and now I'm waiting for it to come. I am anxious to see it work at the full capacity again. I heard the other day from a friend of mine who's working in a cell repairing shop that there are many people experiencing the same problem as we. All the best, Robert

  • DAN

Ive had this phone for over 5 months now i find it very reliable and think the battery life on it is fantastic.....The only downside to the phone is that you cant change your txt message allerts tones. I have not had any probs with calls cutting out or the recpetion, i give it 9 out of 10!!!!

  • Blank

i wanna to ask that this phone support stereo or mono speaker????

  • TCK

I finally gave up on my Z800i.After master reset, the I still get dropped calls. It happens more often when the signal from a 3G network is not present and the phone automatically switches to the regular 2G band. Despite having full bar on my other Nokia phone, the Z800i couldn't find a 2G network. For a 6 month old phone, I am very disappointed. I think Sony should just stick to making PlayStations and nothing else.

  • Paul

Great phone but if your not able to call out due to no signal then send it in for repairs. A common problem is that its main chip can be faulty easily making the phone have no reception a lot of the times, if you get it checked before your warranty expires sony will replace the phone for free

  • Danny

Awesome Phone! Use it largely as an MP3 player, as sound is amazing through the headphones. Great alround phone...highly recommended.

  • TCK

I've got the Z800i for about 6 months now. Worked great in the early days. Just the other day, had problems with dropped calls, static on the other side despite having full signal bars. Checked with telco and nothing wrong with their network.

I tried to do a master reset and erased everything from the phone. Now it seems OK, but a real pain in the ass to sync my phone book and calendar again.

  • angela

i've been using Z800 for 8 months but until now im still satisfied with it's performance..i couldn't ask for more

  • josef„o

great features and excellent design. great phone overall! the size is no problem i don't like small phones that much.

  • JB

Reception Issue: I've had this Z800i for 6 months now. Design and function is great, but started running into a problem with reception. I noticed my phone was not flashing, and it said "No Network." It was in an area where there is fairly good reception. When I opened the flip, the light flashing came back, and the network indicator had 4 bars.

Anyone of you experienced low reception or No Network when the phone is closed?

  • Anonymous

it's the same as v800 IINM. only that v800 is locked to Vodaphone's service. there's slight different in firmware.

  • v800 vs this?

Is this more less the same size as the v800?

  • Anonymous

Hi agora

I think it would be nice to make a flip smaller with these features is what people expect, i mean its only a 1.3 MP camera for God's sake.

Adda 3MP cam, better video lense, expandable memory and drives slots and you have a great fone for years to come., (3G ofcourse)

  • agora

dear TQ, please don't listen. I have this phone since 1 year already and still is up-to-date. they are in the market many phones more expensive and without all the features that this one has. so, don't hesitate - you can surely buy it. it is also very easy-to-use. menu easy, customization easy, everything is good about it.

  • anonymous

it's almost a year old now. even though SE hasn't give a successor for this, high end phone's standards is already higher now than it is by the time Z800 is released.

supposed that there's many phone already better than this nowadays.

  • kenny

I am planing the phone in a few days but as i read the comment i started to maybe is not as good as i thought..Can i get some advice from the user.TQ

  • Eric

my phone keeps telling me i have no network, i think my connectivity network got messed up, can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

  • oyewumi bolu

their products are the best