Sony Ericsson Zylo

Sony Ericsson Zylo

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  • Anonymous

my desktop wallpaper is getting blurred for some microseconds whenever I close current application and thn getting clear after a second or two.pls anyone help

  • Anonymous

i have zylo.......
the wallpaper becomes blur for some micro seconds and thn becomes clear.can anynone help me out for this problem

  • Anonymous

the battery backup is not upto the mark

  • Barun

How about it's sound quality compared to W395? And the picture quality when zoomed in? Does it have dual-speakers?

  • Chan


Both the phone have almost same features, If Wifi and secondary camera is important for u go for Monte else Zylo rocks.....

  • Chan

Zylo batter is too good last for 2-3 days for normal use. 2 hr talking, 2 hr music.... Big n clear display and the camera is also good...

  • Chan

Zylo has normal headset not 3.5mm jack. U cant change song of Fm channel in this..

  • Chan

Zylo doesnt have inbuilt Dictionary

  • aj

zylo users please tell whether the bundled headset with zylo is having fast port to 3.5mm connector like other walkman fones????

  • gaurav

what should i buy samsung monte or sony ericsson zylo

  • Saurav

Hey! Can somebody tell me if there's dictionary option in SE zylo. Is the headset also useful in changing songs & fm channels?

  • Anonymous

like other walkman phones is this phone's headset having fastport to 3.5mm connector?

  • Selvan

Zylo is a good fone..,
don't blame it.

  • Saminathan

Free Themes for Zylo

  • Anonymous

achilles, 23 Aug 2010i bought the phone but dnt knw how to use the gesture control ca... moreby pressing the walkman shortcut near the volume rocker while the music's playing on,
- hold the phone on your side and swing your hand up or down to move one track
- hold with the screen's facing you then bend your palm inward or outward to decrease or increase volume level.

  • webjunkie

Its not about "missing features" I think its more about wanting them to use thier products ONLY. I firmly believe SE (along with lots of other electronic companies i may add) want the consumer to buy into THIER brand.
To further increase revenue after the initial sale of a particular product or item, manufacturers tend to non-standardize thier accessories or in better words make it so thier accessories only work with thier product. Not all manufacturers are as bad as others at this, but unfortunately I think SE are one of the worse. Admittedly SE have been getting better lately (K850i with its two memory card formats).

An example (and remember it is only an example):
I want to upgrade my K600i to a later better model, K800i say.
Great i now have a better phone BUT my now spare SE K600i charger & SE car charger won't fit in my new k800i - solution buy a NEW spare SE k800i charger & a NEW SE car charger. more £ for SE!!!! Times this situation by thousands and you suddenly realise how profitable it is for manufacturers/companies to keep changing charging ports/memory card formats & not standardizing headphone jacks etc.

SE I believe have a VERY strong brand image (Sony in particular) which i think allows them to repeatedly get away with this trick & because people (particularly loyal brand consumers/fanboys etc) keep buying thier products regardless, they'll KEEP doing this.

I remember a few years back hearing people moan as SE utilised ANOTHER memory card format (memory stick pro-duo i believe) so soon after "standardizing" memory stick pro then there's the M2?.....or was that the micro M2? sorry M2 Duo........oh anyway you get the idea.

This accessory compatibility argument will run & run and probably only get worse as the integration between phone & pc gets better.

  • achilles

i bought the phone but dnt knw how to use the gesture control can anybody help ????

  • Anonymous

Shelo,u r wrong.agud quality fone wud not hv a gud out speakers zylo has an exciting earfone effect.but not in the included earphone

  • sajeev

its awsome yaar extremely good sound quality

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2010thank yo ...........hw is the camera clarityFew things that you can't do regarding no autofocus are taking macro photos, determine what object should be as the main focus and make the background looks blurry.

Otherwise if you take pictures with steady and stable hand, the results will be sharp and clear, good colour and natural in daylight shooting. One of the best in its range! One more thing, practice makes perfect, try every settings or scenes and it would be easier for you to make good photos in diff. light conditions.

Thnk u vry mch.