Sony Ericsson Zylo

Sony Ericsson Zylo

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  • junjts43

you must check the phone first before buying...the usb port is located in the earphone port...they have the same connection but different purposes....i have my zylo for about 6 months and its still worth buying ...goodday

  • AnonD-43943

ary, 28 Jan 2012Yes ofcoursedear i have flv videos downloaded from youtube it is not playing on my phone , plz reply

  • AnonD-43943

Samurai, 28 Jan 2012yes its 100% support youtube videoshow it can play youtube videos plz reply me , i had downloaded some youtube videos its format is flashvideo/flv (i thought) but they r not playing on zylo , plz reply

  • eliza

I have downloaded several games for my mobile but did not play. Are fault settings of my transferable please answer me.

  • hasan

iam going 2 buy zylo. but it looks...., so could some body advise with related sony erixon phone in the same price group? please help

  • AnonD-43943

ply anybody tell me how can i get google maps on it (zylo)

  • love

plz any body tells me how can i get google maps on it (zylo),

  • Anonymous

mojor prom with the facng so much of strugle with ds phone

  • naza

my zylo came with no USB becoz the memory card is micro memory not M2. the question is how can i transfer the file from pc to phone? theres is no port for USB!

  • Chubby

Iam using zylo the best sony ericsson walkman phone ì love it very much.It has motion sensor,3.15mp camera,260mb internal memory,edge technology,stylish slide and it the most extraordinary java phone

  • R4

I own almost every brand's mobile phone but my priority remains with Zylo. Its is at its best. Great sound, superb camera, easy to use, & stylish looks. What else do you want? Zylo is a pure breed Walkman :)

  • popat jadhav

I buys zylo w20 mobile before one year back .after 4 months there was a problem of stip i.e. at time of slidinng display goes off. after keeping one month in service station he repaires but you tube is not working today now service man says that it is impossible to work .i think that why sony ericsson manuafactiring this now no any internet faciality works...only wakman works now. same ..same ericsson.

  • AnonD-2991

tarikk, 24 Feb 2012hi guys, three months back, i bought this zylo. the headphone vo... moretry modding it with new audio drivers. U need farmanager + sefp2plugin. More help at

  • tarikk

hi guys, three months back, i bought this zylo. the headphone volume is very very low in this mobile. please give me a solution to increase the headphone volume.

  • alumkadavu

i have this phone for the last six month and i am so sorry to say about it because it gives negative feed backs to me first time damages the strip of slide . now it was not switched ON anyway

  • ANup

I have been using this phone since 14 months and I haven't faced much problems as mentioned above. It may be because I dont use it much. Anyways it is a good one to own.

  • Anonymous

i just wasted my money on this mobile. i used this for only more than a year. the first problem that i have had encounter on this phone was the display(it's totally black out) and its keypad/button keys. the only thing that i like on this phone was it's camera.

  • Anonymous

hi i'm also disappoint this cell.within year.we got error in software.after rectifying this within month display not working keypand and left button also not's very sofisticated's my advice sony ericsson cell phone never buy...............

  • mech

hi..,i buy zylo on jul2011 with in 7month keypad button colour goes.i take my mobile to service centre but they said it not cover under warranty.they said to change panel with my own cost & panel cost is Rs:1600. i realy disapointe with this mobile.....

  • AnonD-6063

AnonD-41363, 09 Feb 2012hey buddies, i need a help! you know, my SE Zylo came with a bu... moreThere is only one option to remove antivirus from notification screen. You have to reset your setting(only reset your setting).for do this thing you have to go to in setting - general- master reset- reset setting.That's all............