Sony Ericsson Zylo

Sony Ericsson Zylo

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  • elusive

this is the best phone ever, easy to navigate, great for music, video, radio everything. i even watch tv on it, read books newspapers etc. I had this phone for one year and once i sent for repair due to flax wear off, but should be easy to replace it. I created a music library on my phone with songs which i bought on the net, i connect it to external speakers using audio adaptor and enjoy crystal clear loud music, who needs cd players when you have zylo.

  • rajat

in first 2 month d phone was working smoothly, processing was fast..still now opening apps nd games is quick bt it takes about 30-40 seconds to open a message and when i message to sum1 it freezes for 40-45 second it bring back to normal ven the message is takes too much time to respond when i press the notification key(d key on d left side of 4way navigation key) i tho8 ol dis z happening becoz i have installd apps on phn.memory so i moved them to memry 181mb phone memory is free but still it lags and hangs..what should i do to make my phone fast.please help me guys please

  • Julian

Gamaliel, 26 Jan 2012Very wonderful! My friends and I love the picture quality, but t... moreMinimize slide use. Unlock the phone with the slide closed and use it that way if you can. You really only need to slide it open to type sms and dial numbers. My phone is a year old this new years and is still working fine.

  • Julian

rajat, 18 Jan 2012from where can i get a 3.5 mm audio jack for sony ericsson zylo?... moreAny of the roadside mobile shops selling covers etc. will have a SE to 3.5mm converter. Cost Rs. 10-20.

  • mohan.sivaraj

Hai everyone,

I have SE ZYLO for past 7 months. Its a perfect mobile at this price. Camera is good. Slide works perfect. Design is one of the better plus of this mobile. You can opt for ZYLO. As a whole its a fantastic mobile. I love ZYLO.

Thank you

  • tariq

hey guys, two months back i bought this se zylo. recently i tried to update my phone through update service software. but problem is whenever i connected my phone to system as instructed my computer is hanging.there is no reaction. pls guys somebody help me.

  • ary

love, 27 Jan 2012does it support youtube videos ? reply plz Yes ofcourse

  • Samurai

love, 27 Jan 2012does it support youtube videos ? reply plz yes its 100% support youtube videos

  • sp

jus awesome.....

  • love

does it support youtube videos ? reply plz

  • Gamaliel

Very wonderful! My friends and I love the picture quality, but the flex does not last long. I have changed it twice in a year. Or there a specific way of handling it?

  • Samurai

kk, 23 Jan 2012witch video size have zylo??320x240 and 640x480

  • kk

witch video size have zylo??

  • pavan.venkatt

well, im using this mobile from 6 months.

thumbs up for.......
a feel good device
style look with slide
excellent keypad, smooth touching
good cam(photo+video) quality
nice headset quality
good battery
nice browsing,google maps navigation

thumbs down for......
#no wifi
#java based phone(nowadays we like to buy android os mobiles)
#we can only play songs from phone memory(not memory card files) in walkman music player

  • Anonymous

Can you tell me which year you mobile. go to >*

  • Anonymous

gouri, 19 Jan 2012My zylo is not working properly.... it's speaker,screen all are ... moreGo To Service center

  • Anonymous

STAY AWAY from this crap, it got some design fault in its Slide strap. I bought this mobile a year back, with in a month its slide failed and got REPLACED for FREE. Now again it failed now i Paid 20% of phone value to fix...

  • gouri

My zylo is not working properly.... it's speaker,screen all are havving prob... somebody please suggest me a solution.

  • rajat

from where can i get a 3.5 mm audio jack for sony ericsson zylo? please tl me any shop or d website which takes cash on delevery..i am in india so dont suggest any american shopping website otherwise they will charge atleast 50$ for shipping

  • rajat

Rahul, 15 Jan 2012Hi, Can any one please help with this. Whenever I try to inst... morei also faced this problem.. D solution is that take off your memory card and see you will be able to install everything..2nd solution change ur memory card with a branded 1(transcend company) nd u wl b able to download and install everything..pls don't buy moserbaer's memry card