Sony FES Watch U's ePaper screen extends to wrist band, which make for wild designs

Peter, 12 June 2017

Sony has released the second generation of its ePaper watch. The price has gone up - the FES Watch U now starts at JPY 46,000 ($420/) and goes up to JPY 60,000 ($545/) for the premium model (the original was JPY 30,000). Like before, this watch is exclusive to Japan.

The FES is less about being a smartwatch and more about personalized design. You see, the screen and the wrist band are a single ePaper display. This means you get to customize the look of the band and some really cool-looking designs are possible.

The watch itself comes has an IP67-grade body (43mm case diameter, 12mm thick) and weighs 75g. Its batter should last 2 weeks. The Premium Black model features a Sapphire glass and Ion plating, the regular Silver and White models use Mineral glass.

Just some of the many possible designs you can use with the FES U
Just some of the many possible designs you can use with the FES U

You can hook it up to an Android or iOS device over Bluetooth 4.0 to control the design of the watch with the dedicated app. You can download ready-made designs (free and paid) and make your own with the camera. By the looks of it, notifications are not supported.

If you want a FES U watch, you’ll have to get it through First Flight, Sony’s crowd funding site.



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Simple fact that sony uses iphone in their product's commercial tells a lot about this company's situation.

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I didn't understand! What is it?