Sony posts fiscal Q2 results, mobile division in decline

Yordan, 01 November 2017

Sony posted its financial results for the July-September period, and they look promising. The latest update shows the Japanese company raked in JPY2 trillion (about $18.25 billion) in revenue and managed to get a net profit of $1.15 billion.

The most significant earners are the Semiconductors department, which includes image sensors for mobile products, and the Game & Network Services which accounts for the PlayStation 4 sales - both hardware, and software.

Sony posts fiscal Q2 results, mobile division goes down

Out of eight business segments for Sony, only one posted operating loss - The Mobile Communications division. The numbers went from JPY3.7 billion ($32.4 million) of income in the same three months a year ago to a loss of JPY2.5 billion ($21.9 million) now. Sales saw a positive change of 1.9% in raw currency, but fell flat on a yearly basis because of the unfavorable exchange rates.

Sony says “the deterioration was primarily due to a change in the geographic mix of smartphone sales, an increase in the price of key components, as well as the negative impact […] of the US dollar.”

The outlook for the fiscal year is more than promising for Sony. The company expects to have an 11.8% rise in sales and operating income by the end of March 31, 2018, or JPY8.5 trillion ($74.5 billion). Let’s just hope the mobile division also goes up.



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  • Mon Ti

I admit l am a Sony fan. Sony is not a real competitor or a key player in the smartphones industry. The cause of this is complex and is beyond few written words in GSM arena. The fact is: samsung, apple, Huawei, xiaomi, oppo and vivo are the bi...

  • 60e[Z]

hi tanny :-D Their 2018's design looks much uglier than the previous design. Ui is still ugly. Screen is still ugly too. This company is really hopeless. LOL

  • AnonD-702955

Why thank you thank you. :) I thought about changing it but I guess I'll keep it now unless some rabid Sony fanboy gets me banned...again lol

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