Sony launches ZV-E10 interchangeable lens camera for vloggers

Prasad, 27 July 2021

Sony has launched its second vlogger focused camera. The ZV-E10 follows the ZV-1 launched last year but while the ZV-1 was a fixed lens camera, the ZV-E10 is an interchangeable lens camera.

Sony launches ZV-E10 interchangeable lens camera for vloggers

The ZV-E10 is essentially a dumbed down version of the Alpha 6400 with some features being removed for simpler operation while adding a few vlogging centric features on top.

The ZV-E10 has the same 24.2MP APS-C sensor that Sony has been using on its a6000-series cameras for several years now. It is also capable of recording 4K videos at up to 30fps in 4:2:0 8-bit. Like the a6400, the ZV-E10 also supports shooting in the S-Log2, S-Log3, and HLG profiles for capturing a wider dynamic range.

Sony launches ZV-E10 interchangeable lens camera for vloggers

The flip-up display on the a6400 has been replaced with a side-hinged fully articulating display that flips out and turns the other way for recording yourself. The touchscreen display is the only viewfinder on the ZV-E10, as the electronic viewfinder has been removed.

Other omissions on the ZV-E10 include the mode dial, which has been replaced with a simple switch to toggle between the stills, movie, and slow motion video mode. The flash has also been removed.

Sony launches ZV-E10 interchangeable lens camera for vloggers

However, as mentioned before, the ZV-E10 also gains a few features over the a6400. There's now a prominent video record button placed at the top, making it easier to start recording even if the camera is facing away from you. A tally light on the front tells you when the camera is rolling as does a prominent red border around the viewfinder. You can now control the zoom on lenses with motorized zoom mechanisms using a sliding switch around the shutter button.

On top, the ZV-E10 features a large stereo microphone on top and you also get a wind muffler for it in the box. The ZV-E10 features dedicated ports for microphone and headphones for monitoring and the outdated microUSB port has been replaced with a USB-C port.

Sony launches ZV-E10 interchangeable lens camera for vloggers

Because the ZV-E10 is meant to be a simplified camera for the beginner, it features the same sort of simplified quick access buttons to quickly switch your depth of field from deep to shallow and to engage a product focus mode that will quickly switch AF from face to something held close to the lens while recording videos that are on the ZV-1.

Apart from that, the ZV-E10 is pretty much the same as the Sony a6400, which isn't so bad considering the ZV-E10 starts at $700 for body-only while the a6400 costs around $900. A kit with the E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS power zoom lens will be available for $800.

The ZV-E10 will be available in black and white at the end of August.



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  • Anonymous

You must be a guy in the future where nano tech is very advanced where they can put all the components of REAL camera to a smartphone. For real dude, you are a big joke in this comment section. Ofc the all "review" you seen in the internet...

  • Sajjad Khan

Does sir kindly inform when it will launch in Pakistan????

  • Anonymous

Maybe we should be more technical about so everyone can see how it affects tiny sensors and why they rely on noise reduction so much. 0db gain or native ISO like I said in the previous post is absolutely determined by a manufacturer. Each sensor...

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