Sony redirects to the main company site

Peter, 20 February 2020

Sony has started a process of folding Sony Mobile into the main company. The Swedish arm of the mobile division was merged with Sony Nordic, now the company has shut down the domain, redirecting users to instead.

All the information about the Xperia phones is still there, but now they share virtual floor space with Sony’s TVs, cameras, media players and other consumer devices. Also, Sony recently moved the Sony Mobile Blog sub-site to (that’s right, the new domain doesn’t mention “Sony”).

Sony redirects to the main company site

Originally, the site was at However, in early 2012 it was redirected to after Sony bought out Ericsson’s share in the 50/50 mobile phone partnership (the old domain also redirects to


Reader comments

  • Muku
  • 10 Apr 2020
  • XQc

I am biggest sony fan I missing sony smartphone. So when launch sony xperia smartphone in India I am writing for sony xperia smartphone

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  • Anonymous
  • 23 Feb 2020
  • 0{{

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