Sony releases experimental Firefox OS ROM for the Xperia E

27 February, 2013

Sony announced that it’s considering launching a Firefox OS phone next year and today released an experimental ROM to run the new Mozilla-made OS on the Sony Xperia E. This will give app developers a chance to evaluate the platform and give Sony valuable feedback.

In case you’re wondering why the company picked the Xperia E and not a more powerful phone, the answer is pretty simple – Firefox OS will target the very low end of smartphones. The E has almost the exact same specs as the ZTE Open and Alcatel OT Fire, the first two Firefox phones that were announced at the MWC.

Anyway, the ROM is not intended for daily use – there’s no wireless connectivity of any kind as the software has not passed certification and the touchscreen and the microSD card might not work all too well.

The Sony Developer Blog has details on how to flash the ROM, the architecture of Firefox OS and how to develop apps for it.



Reader comments

  • lol

this is great, more options means time to kill apple inc

  • kien

icons will be updated soon after the offecial release

  • Anonymous

Dont mind people like that, they looking a reason to not buy Sony, and attacking Sonys updates is the most popular. That guy will not buy Sony anyway. They see us rolling, they hating.

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