Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2

Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2

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hello friends
how update my smartwatch 2

  • Horse


  • Nick

Nuruddin, 30 Aug 2020My sw2 I can't connect to my Android device due to sma... moreTry downloading an APK of the app.

  • Nuruddin

My sw2 I can't connect to my Android device due to smart connect apps is not available in play store.
is there any other apps from sony to connect?

AnonD-537928, 17 May 2016What does "sensors" mean? Which ones?Light Sensor and Accelerometer (prolly spelt that wrong HaH), I believe?

It appears I agree with the majority of you guy's - Very simplistic, with (What I regard top important) excellent battery life, considering the display is on 24/7, could have got the 3 but. I kinda like the chunky aluminium, box like frame..Coool, but simple. Like myself, lol :)

  • Mark

This Sony SW2 Smartwatch displays "FLASH FS". Please tell me what this means and how can I get it to work again when it displays that.

  • AnonD-458216

Not compatible with oppo f1 and oppo a83. Maybe the problem is on oppo phone's

  • Samy

Appreciate your support, I need your confirm it will work normal with Oppo F1s?

  • Sameh

it's not work with oppo f3 can you help my to fix this problem

  • Nikolov

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2017Is it function on android 7.0 version Yes it work fine with z5 premium, with android 7.0

  • Waqaskhan233

Hakaan , 01 Apr 2017Yeah 4.3 and above Can i connect it with samsung galaxy j7 2016 ??
Is it have compatibility???

  • Hakaan

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2017Is it function on android 7.0 version Yeah 4.3 and above

  • Anonymous

Malik Ahmad , 24 Mar 2016Is this compatible with xperia z3? Is it function on android 7.0 version

  • Dr.khan

nice and very beatiful

  • Sony

I had this watch last week . It s great and had very useful functions in a smart and simple way . I love it very much . Go for it guys . It s amazing to have a sony smart watch .

  • AnonD-238763


light sensor, motion/shock sensor

  • haresh

Is this compatible with xperia z1

  • AnonD-516067

Got this watch for 50 euro exactly 2 years ago. Its the longest I have ever owned any watch. Only had to replace a pin once which cost 6 euro. The 2 rubber strap things that keep strap secure came off over the 2 years but that's it. Hope to get another 2 Yeats out if this watch. Getting metal strap next week for it for 10 euro. Only thing is sony seems to have forgotten about this watch with no app update in ages. But if a shame but still a good device. I would never go back to traditional watches after using a smartwatch.

  • AnonD-537928

What does "sensors" mean? Which ones?