Sony SmartWatch 3 arrives in the Google Play store

17 October, 2014

Sony SmartWatch 3 quietly made its way to the Google Play store. The Japanese manufacturer's first Android Wear device is listed as coming soon.

The wearable gadget is priced at $249.99. The price tag positions the IP68 certified Sony SmartWatch 3 as a premium Android Wear offering - it costs as much as the Moto 360.

The exact launch date of the smartwatch is yet to be revealed. We doubt it will be a long wait.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Likes: 1. Comfortably. 2. Quick Charging. 3. Simple to use (with my Z3). 4. Initial cost much less than Moto and LG. Dislikes: 1. Battery drains quickly. 2. Charging port is difficult to use. 3. Not enough cool watch faces. 4. Do...

  • Anonymous

Just purchased on in the Russian Federation: 8,990.00 rubles w/tax. Today's exchange rate made it 179.00 USD w/tax. The packaging appears to be universal and is written in American English. So far, all is working as expected/advertised...

  • Intel-i7gx

Itz not so bad!! But i think itz too much at the sight of itz price