Sony to release three 2021 flagship sizes, Compact and Premium make a comeback

Ro, 03 August 2020

It seems like it's a bit too early for 2021 leaks but the kind of year we are having few things can surprise us. This one user in Android Police is one of those looking ahead and shared some interesting information regarding Sony's upcoming flagship series in 2021.

Sony to release three 2021 flagship sizes, Compact and Premium make a comeback

According to his sources, Sony plans to bring back the Compact and Premium variants of its flagship. This seems to be in line with the current trends as most of the companies are introducing at least three flagship models. He also adds that this year, the company will skip the small flagship form factor.

Normally a single comment on an internet board wouldn't be considered a particularly reliable source, but the info was backed up by Androidnext, which has decent track record with Xperia leaks. Plus it falls in line with the lineup shake-up that Sony promised as it seeks to regain some of the lost ground in the smartphone market.

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Reader comments

  • ying zue

you will be disappointed , I had the following compacts z3 ,xz1, x compact and currently two xz2 compacts . the last ones are not bad but the back rounded no good and too thick . anyway sony is so succesfull with the half compact g flagship xperia...

  • Anonymous

Hope Sony start making their powerful flagship genuinely Compact size phones again. I have XZ2 Compact, it's a beast!! Has the power of a full size XZ2 in a compact size. Love all the Sony Compact phones (Z1, Z3 & Z5 Compacts)

  • LC

I am still using my Sony Xperia(2016). It's as good as new. I still get compliments of how good it looks! I am interested in Sony's new compact phone in future release. Hope it will not be a disappointment.

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