Sony VP: Xperia Z3 is doing fine, focus shifts to user experience

06 March, 2015

Sony Vice President for Western Europe shared some interesting in-house info. According to the company's official the entire Xperia Z3 series - the Z3, Z3 Compact and the Z3 Tablet Compact - are doing very well on the market.

Sony understands it doesn't need e new flagship that often and instead it will be shifting its focus on the consumer experience. Don't get this wrong - Xperia Z4 will come later this year, but Sony wants to improve its user experience first. Here is the official quote:

"The innovation is not so much about launching and announcing a flagship with more and more megapixels and so on, itís about how can you make consumersí lives more innovative and more relevant as we go forward. This is what itís all about. We are focusing on bringing what is unique to the brand, bringing this content element into our proposition, such as Sony (Xperia) Lounge. This is what you need to understand. We will continue to launch beautiful hardware but itís not the only thing anymore."

"The story is beyond that. Itís whether you are expanding consumer experience beyond a technology standpoint, making sure these experiences are available to as many consumers as soon as possible, even those who bought products six months ago."

Sony isnít moving to one-year product cycle either. According to the VP of Global Communication Sony will be adjusting the product releases, but the lack of announcement at the MWC isn't a shift to a new product cycle. Check this out:

"Z4 is the next-generation of product that weíll be announcing. No, we havenít [moved to a more traditional 12 month product cycle]. As a general rule you will see some adjustment to the way we phase our products, but weíre certainly not going to offer any specific details as to when we are going to bring our next products, beyond these, at this stage."

"We havenít always announced a smartphone at MWC, sometimes we phase it and weíll have a smartphone or a tablet. This year we really wanted the emphasis on our story at MWC to be around expanding the mid-range offer and broadening the mid-range and obviously bringing in a super premium tablet as well. Itís more a case of phasing the products in than anything else."

"At IFA we announced three Z3 series products, the full sized smartphone, the Compact and the Compact Tablet. These are doing really well in the market and there is still quite a considerable amount of interest in those particular products and since weíve announced them, weíve updated a number of features. Weíve introduced Remote Play, there are more camera themes and there are more camera apps."

So, the Sony Xperia Z4 is on the way, but it will be probably delayed for the spring or the summer.