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If Sony can trim down the top bezel while keeping that same unique front screen design, it can easily be a solid design winner. Since the 2020 10 Mk2, there is a little chin at the bottom which ruins the whole look. This is still my top favourite smartphone design to date.

Marthcake Boltrons, 19 Aug 2021Hands down the worst phone I've ever owned. I will nev... moreThat's odd, a friend of mine never have any complaint with this phone at all.

  • Marthcake Boltrons

Hands down the worst phone I've ever owned. I will never go back to Sony - such as shame after so many years good experience with the Z3.

Pretty much from new this thing has been a disaster - horrendous text latency, random screen rotations, freezing, un-commanded shut downs and the worst bit is it sets itself on inputs you've not asked it - such as forwarding messages, files and other things to people you don't wish to.

The worst device i've owned.

  • Anonymous

Jose Antonio , 16 Feb 2021Poor performance. Battery is not enough. Sometimes freezes ... moreFreezes because of eMMC, eMMC only allows one yes only 1 processing for every storage channel, it means it can read only or write only but not both task for each of eMMC channel, so when all the storage channel is full of task, it means the other task will left behind and cause some lags or freezing

Remember: eMMC is OLD tech while Android and Apps are going big and bigger with update every day, if you use the Android heavily with a lot of apps or games, you can only use UFS which have two ways for every channel can read and write at the same time much faster processing, eMMC is only for light use since limited eMMC capabilities

If you found a expensive phone with eMMC, just left it and go with cheaper that use UFS, even iPhone only use NVMe for faster experience


Anonymous, 12 May 2021Install sailfish OS and battery life will be 2-3 days. It i... morenah, it's just that this phone is crap!

  • Anonymous

Jose Antonio , 16 Feb 2021Poor performance. Battery is not enough. Sometimes freezes ... moreInstall sailfish OS and battery life will be 2-3 days. It is Sony problem, the Android is crap.

The design is very good. Why sony not implementing this design again.
And put some sd 7xx chipset on. For sale!

  • Jose Antonio

Poor performance. Battery is not enough. Sometimes freezes because look slow. I have a Sony Xperia XA2 and do better photos and works better. Even my Z2 is better. Photos 21:9 are nice but not enough quality

  • Anonymous

Just got the xperia 10 and not really warming to it. It doesn't compare to the xa2. I'm even thinking of trading back

Jose Antonio Cadiz, 26 Sep 2020I have a Sony Xperia XA2 and I bought Xperia 10, I compare ... you ,i have many electronic products by Sony... and about this phone i have some doubts . However i have still confidence in Sony brand but some Korean products are cheaper and its products good quality products

I buyed this mobile 2 week ago for 179 euros, i love Sony product for good quality of his hardware. However this is very difficult to value for me. My old LG K10 after 3 years still battery worked rather well but the sound suddenly became low so i could not use it.
Into the box there is also still one earphone included
the screen is very nice very different from other mobile,it not give problem to my sight.
the quality of sound also is very good .
The battery is too small for one 6 inches smartphone, LG and other offer one bigger battery.
Camera is rather simply 13MP
The smartphone it's too simply, it's have not some functions as reduction blue on the screen, ore one block notes as LG offer.
Some lags appear if we use too quick it.
I buyed Sony just because i have many electronics products of sony and the quality is high. In the same time the older Sony mobile that i have had as Sony Xperia T2 and the ony Xperia E1 worked well with long life of the battery.
However today Korean products are more aggressive and cheaper. I did not buy LG K41s because just 149 euro with 4000mah of battery and 6.5 inches it's sound strange as price...I buyed my good LG K10 for 179 euros 3 years ago one it was just 5.3 Inches and 3000mah battery....Where they have economized??? Of course China products don't exist for me.

  • Jose Antonio Cadiz

I have a Sony Xperia XA2 and I bought Xperia 10, I compare and the main issue for me is battery, capacity is very small, doing the same work, I need recharge phone at the of morning, 15:00 (100% battery at 7:00). I have option of HDR in XA2 and I see here in specs 10 is also HDR, but option is missing or I dont found it and in any case, focus, color, light it is worst in X10 compare with XA2.Photos in XA2 are very much better for me. All my phones are Sony and almost all my domestic eletronic is sony but.....

  • Kujtim Zymeri

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020My last 8 years I used Sony and I never had any problems un... moreI have seen all your comments against sony always. Please dont say lies.


i bought my sony xperia 10 in houston texas a year ago and now in nigeria it is a perfect phone for its class and my son want me buy the same thing for him for school.good work sony

I've had this phone for 6 months now and I am very happy with it. Got Android 10 and the latest security patch 1 August 2020. Interface is smooth, battery lasts all day without problem. Camera is more than decent for the class. Screen is vibrant and very pleasant. The only flaw is it's plastic back which is prone to scratches.
Xperia 10 dual navy blue user

  • Anonymous

My last 8 years I used Sony and I never had any problems until this model, rebooting it self, screen not responding, poor battery, on service already twice and still not working properly,

  • M. Jo

Very disgruntled, 08 Jun 2020Don't waste your money on this phone. Just don't. I've u... moreMy experience as well, with the head phone jack now on the out.

Emailed customer service , no response.

Also, I believe Sony is well aware the phone is defective. The Sony Xperia 10 is not an option for selecting to discuss with support.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2020My Sony Xperia 10 has lost all sound. Rebooted, back to fac... moreDude fash lineage os its officially supported

  • Very disgruntled

Don't waste your money on this phone. Just don't.

I've used my Xperia 10 for around a year. The poor battery, frequent lags and app crashes, dark camera are really just minor inconveniences compared to the ghost touch/screen unresponsive issue that so many users complained about. It basically renders the phone unusable - you can't even type a short message without hitting same word on the keyboard multiple times.

The problem has become so bad that I had to go back to using my old Xperia X, which, even at 3 years old, performs better than my Xperia 10. Worst phone ever.

P.S. We were also promised to get an Android 10 update "early 2020". It is now June 2020 and we still haven't got the update (although some users in Russia and Europe apparently has got it early May).

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Released in 2019.