Sony Xperia 10 III gets an exclusive Yellow color for Docomo Japan

Michail, 19 April 2021

Sony ushered in its new Xperia lineup last week and now it has been revealed the midrange Xperia 10 III is getting an exclusive yellow color for Docomo's online shop. The Japanese carrier usually teams up with Sony on limited edition colorways. Reservations for the exclusive Xperia 10 III are already underway while the date of the first sale is still not finalized.

Sony Xperia 10 III comes in exclusive Yellow color for Docomo Japan

Docomo mentions a “mid-June 2021 or later” lauch which fall in line with Sony’s promise to bring the Xperia III lineup later this summer. Make sure to check out our Hot Take on the new Xperia lineup where we delve deeper into the three new Sony phones.

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Reader comments

and we get black only. this sucks

Hoping Sony gets its pricong and availability right. Love the compact size.

I just wanted grey. A.k.a. silver. I’m not really sexist but still consider that white and blue version better fit ladies (not speaking about pink). So males have no other choices that the boring black if opt for Xperia 10 III. What a pity!

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