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Sony Xperia 10 Plus

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  • aRTer

I got one for my daughter, after my trials with SailfishOS didn't work out, and whilst setting up the phone I wanted to use the shared uSD slot, only to find it's not shared, there is a tray for two SIM cards plus behind the door a uSD slot.

If Sony can trim down the top bezel while keeping that same unique front screen design, it can easily be a solid design winner. I still can't love the 10 Mk2 and 10 Mk3 design despite a much potent hardware upgrade. This is still my top favourite smartphone design to date.

Speaking of this particular phone, we are still yet to see any brand new successor to date. There was supposed to be a follow up with Snapdragon 720G chipset, but Sony binned it because they want to focus on 5G. If Sony can release a brand new 5G successor of this phone with at least a Snapdragon 750G chipset, it can be a hot seller. I don't think it will cannibalize the flagship model sales, particularly because of the less powerful chipset and camera hardware.

  • Anonymous

Jonuxzas, 11 Mar 2021I was ok if it was 250 eur, but 560??? This is just a scam!... moreLol, EUR 560? Where did you see that? You can buy one now for not more than EUR 200.

  • John

I definitely hope that Sony would retain the styling of this phone. Even the Mk2 and Mk3 Xperia 10 has a little chin at the bottom. This one doesn't, and it look so cool. I definitely still prefer to have that top bezel, but I'm okay with it being a little smaller.

Please my chip seat is only one. But the video shows that is double sim

  • No-one

Abz, 17 Jan 2021Bought Sony Xperia 10 plus and rear camera stopped working ... moreI have my sony xperia 10 plus for 2 years and mine still works fine

  • Sunny

Jonuxzas, 11 Mar 2021I was ok if it was 250 eur, but 560??? This is just a scam!... moreI want Sony mobile , 7 inch screen - 5000 mAh battery - 512 gb - camera 120 mp

I was ok if it was 250 eur, but 560??? This is just a scam! Don't buy this phone..

  • Abz

Bought Sony Xperia 10 plus and rear camera stopped working just after 1 month. Shame on SONY! UNRELIABLE SMARTPHONES!

  • Anonymous

Motorola One Vision beats the crap out of this one....

  • J

edwin0804, 23 Feb 2019Why not Snapdragon 660, why not above 3500mAh, even my XA2... moreWhy not

You can change on the Android 9 (Pie) Upgraded to Android 10

  • Kujtim Zymeri

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2020Got this headset about a year. Big screen have pros and con... moreDeactivate glow mode on settings display and acidental touches and everything is ok.

  • Denis

How can I get it

  • Anonymous

Got this headset about a year. Big screen have pros and cons. Movies and games look flawless but big screen it's too sensitive. It's living by its own. Running apps like hell. I can't even cope what's going on there. Is it buying something, sending messages or just deleting contacts and apps. Not satisfied with it.

Anonymous, 13 May 2020What? No, the fake Chinese 48+28+1000mp cameras are complet... moreRight, the same "fake Chinese" cameras that beat literally every other phone in dxomark. I've looked at comparisons and I know they're better. You're wrong about them being terrible. You're wrong about them being fake. And you're wrong about them being Chinese. Even the Chinese phone manufacturers buy their sensors from South Korean and Japanese companies like Samsung and Sony.

Educate yourself for once in your life.

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 11 Nov 2019Hahahahahahahahahahaahaha no. That's one of the dumbest thi... moreWhat? No, the fake Chinese 48+28+1000mp cameras are completely terrible, just look at comparisons and not tests

  • Carmanen

Finally, last night i got notified of Android 10 update when i woke up! Finland.

I heard Android 10 is rolling out to markets. BUt I think the first questions would be:
1. Is dark mode and Android 10's gesture navigation included?
2. Is there any other improvements such as on the camera, battery life & performance?
It would be interesting to know. Cheers.

  • HackSonX

Got my Android ten update today in South Africa. Touch issues seem to be fixed. Battery life is still aweful.