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Sony Xperia 10 V

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  • Alex
  • JNB
  • 28 Feb 2024

Does this model capture photos in RAW or NEF?

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    • Anonymous
    • I@H
    • 28 Feb 2024

    Anonymous, 24 Feb 2024Lift some weights, no offense..Your post is kinda rude since you don't know the other person. Probably might have a heart condition and you tell him to lift weights.


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        • IY6
        • 24 Feb 2024

        Anonymous, 04 Feb 2024Respect for releasing the lightest good available phone of ... moreLift some weights, no offense..

          Anonymous, 12 Feb 2024I kinda wish they just released it at it's original pr... moreExactly, better CPU + a little bit shorter + FM Radio, and apparently it would be kind of perfect

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            • Anonymous
            • amY
            • 12 Feb 2024

            I kinda wish they just released it at it's original price but gave it a better CPU.

              Does anyone know if the USB-C data/charging connector of XPERIA 10 V is hard (=directly) soldered to the motherboard? Or is there a cable connection between the connector and the motherboard as SONY does it with its DAPs to prevent damage of the MB through the connector in case of a hit on the connector?

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                • Anonymous
                • 3SI
                • 04 Feb 2024

                Respect for releasing the lightest good available phone of 2023.


                And even then it has outstanding battery life. The only downside to that is the plastic construction, but today‘s phones are so heavy that I don’t mind it on a non-flagship if it leads to a lightweight device like in this case. But the battery life is so good that I guess they could even go down to 4500 mAh for 10 VI and get the weight below 150 grams while still offering great battery life.

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                  • Soykaf
                  • 4Bf
                  • 02 Feb 2024

                  Soykaf, 23 Jan 2024Coming from the Xiaomi A2 lite. this phone is extremely sna... moreJust reporting back for a follow-up after a couple weeks of usage.

                  Battery life is indeed insane. I can go for almost a week before having to charge again.

                  Charging is slow, but who cares? the phone has a huge battery. I'm at 30% right now and I know this is good for at least 2 more days. and I haven't even tried the STAMINA mode yet. I'm not up to date on whats considered standard for phone nowadays but I'd rather charge my phone slowly once a week than having to charge it everyday. Like seriously, do people charge their phones multiple times a day? is that why you people care about fast charging?

                  Finger print reader isn't perfectly accurate and it is slightly annoying that sometimes when you lock your phone with the side button you'll end up unlocking it right away because the fingerprint reader read your print. Work around is either to have a dedicated "sleep" finger that doesn't have its print registered, or use the button with the tip of your fingers (like half nail half skin)

                  Camera quality isn't anything to write home about, but is perfectly acceptable and I'm quite a fan of the wide angle lens. I don't know if most phones nowadays have one of those, but It's pretty much all I use.

                  Software can be a little buggy. specially when unlocking the phone. I suspect it's the fingerprint reader or just straight up android 14. but sometimes I'll unlock the phone with the reader and I'll just see my wallpaper with nothing on it. then I have to lock the screen and enter my pin to fix it. But again, I don't know if this is an android issue, an hardware issue, or a little bit of both. Honestly now that I think about it, most of the phones issues are around the unlocking process, once beyond that, everything runs smoothly.

                  People complaining about the phone not having a 120hz screen. Unless you're gaming I don't understand why you'd want one. If you're gaming, you shouldn't be buying this phone to begin with.
                  120hz is overkill otherwise and will just drain your battery life for what? smoother animations? lol, give me a break...

                  Last thing. Build quality. This phone is a step above most other phones in terms of build quality. you just feel the tight tolerances and the quality of the materials. keep this in mind when shopping around for a phone. You can just tell this phone won't be falling apart after 2 years. Sure you might find a Chinese phone (no disrespect) with better specs for the same price or cheaper but it just won't feel as good in your hands.

                  Anyways. I'm very happy with my purchase and for the price I paid. I don't think I could have gotten a better phone. Sony knows what they are doing with the xperia 10 line.

                  You want crazy specs on your phone? 120hz screen? 16GB of ram? Use your computer.
                  You want a crazy camera? Just buy a real camera.

                  Texting, phone calls, navigation, music, browsing the web. That's what I need my phone to do. The 10 V perfectly fills this role in a quality package you won't find anywhere else.

                    After upgrading to android 14, it started to work slowly

                      Omar, 26 Jan 2024I am really surprised (negatively) with this phone. I have ... moreCorrect. This is more like a $199±25 phone.
                      Battery life is outstanding, though. The charging speed brought us back a decade in the past.

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                        • Omar
                        • gDg
                        • 26 Jan 2024

                        I am really surprised (negatively) with this phone. I have been using it for about 4 months.
                        - finger print sensor is really bad, inaccurate and lags a lot.
                        - after struggling with finger print and it succeeded, you need to wait more than 3 seconds to launch an app or use the phone.
                        - freezing and lagging be some apps.
                        - main camera is really bad, Autofocus not stable. Poor quality photos in general.
                        - selfie camera is meh.
                        - charging speed is between slow and decent depending on the charger.
                        - stock Android is good but very poor of important features that are already found even in cheaper phones from other companies.
                        - price is really exaggerated. Even 250 is a lot. What if it is priced 450 euros.
                        - despite the other good features (IP 67, compact form factor, great battery life and 5G) but the cons are overwhelming the pros.

                        For about 10 years i have used many and many Sony Xperia phones and all of them were the best except this phone. Sony, if you respect your history, you can either fix this catastrophe or close Sony mobile department.

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                          • Moravid
                          • U2A
                          • 26 Jan 2024

                          60Hz was the deal breaker

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                            • Anonymous
                            • bJb
                            • 23 Jan 2024

                            FG888, 28 Dec 2023Uhhmmm.. Poco is not even close to Sony with regard to its ... moreReal bro, my mum's Sony phone that she get from 2010 still used today and it's running pretty smooth

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                              • Soykaf
                              • 4Bf
                              • 23 Jan 2024

                              Coming from the Xiaomi A2 lite. this phone is extremely snappy and fast. very slight lag in the animations but really, coming from the A2 the performance is night and day.

                              I snagged this for 240$ CAD second-hand from a guy who wanted to go back to apple (bless his heart). At the full price, I would have been disappointed. If you can get this phone for under 350$ CAD I think it's definitely an amazing choice.

                              I'm in love with the form factor. My hands are on the smaller side and it feels great to use with one hand compared to larger phones. although since this phone is slightly taller, now I have a hard time reaching for the top of the screen with my thumb.

                              The finger print reader being on the wake side button is an interesting choice. basically rendering the lock screen obsolete. it will take some getting used to but I think I will very much appreciate this decision.

                              No notification light is definitely a con for me. no idea why they didn't include one. I tend to not use my phone a lot and I only really pick it up when I see a notification. I can see my friends complaining I'm even less available now.

                              Will report back on battery life. but this was one of the main reasons I bought this phone. Yes people who primarily care about battery life do exist.

                                madphys, 20 Jan 2024You never know with sony - when or if they will fix things.... moreThat's incredible because it was the only model I was seriously considering instead of the 10 V. Better specs (RAM / storage), slightly better performance, plus FM radio, and better price. But you lose compactness, and the IP rating is (way) worse.

                                But like I said, to be honest I'm not thinking of getting a new phone right now, I hope I can celebrate my Galaxy A 40's 5th birthday, let's wait & see e.g. for 10 VI's launch 🙂

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                                  • madphys
                                  • gCT
                                  • 20 Jan 2024

                                  blacknail, 20 Jan 2024Forgot also some "nice to have" features: - In... moreYou never know with sony - when or if they will fix things. In olden (but android) times they also provided unrevertable upgrades which basically bricked phones - planned obsolescence at its best.
                                  If you can compromise on compactness - I would suggest to check the Motorola Moto G84 (same chipset but implementation will be better)

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                                    • AnonD-1026644
                                    • 7Xd
                                    • 20 Jan 2024

                                    The slowwww chipset, slowwww charging speed, and poor image quality from the 8MP camera modules take us back as far as half a decade in the past.

                                      Forgot also some "nice to have" features:

                                      - Ingress Protection
                                      - 5G
                                      - FM radio

                                        Btw, intended use: stream music during great part of the day, plus the more common apps for the average user: meteo, browser, e-mail, notes, messaging (Messenger, WhatsApp), calendar, IMDb, homebanking, Shazam, translator, Goodreads, Huawei Health, maps, LiveScore, Wikipedia, Tripadvisor, YouTube, Bitwarden, Wordle, take some photos, occasional social networks (Facebook, Instagram), you name it...