Sony Xperia 1 goes on sale in Europe

Yordan, 29 May 2019

Sony had just started the sales of its Xperia 1 flagship in Europe. The flagship with Snapdragon 855 and extremely tall 21:9 CinemaWide display goes for €949 and can already be purchased in numerous EU countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The phone is also expected to appear overseas in the United States, but a separate launch is scheduled for mid-July.

The British retailer Clove was among the first that announced the arrival of Xperia 1. Back then it only announced the £849 price, but now there is a Buy button, with the phone expected to ship tomorrow, May 30. You can get in your inbox a flagship with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, but only in Black or Purple. The device is also on Amazon UK, coming with an exclusive gift of 64 GB microSD card.

Some German retailers promise to ship the phone immediately, while some continue only taking per-orders with shipments to start on June 5. However, on the continental side of Europe, the price tag is €949, which is only a tad less expensive than the UK. And you also get a 64 GB microSD card, so it sounds like a deal. If you don’t want to wait, head over to Italy, where the deal is also in place, although you’ll miss on the Gray or White color option.

The Real Deal, however, is in the Netherlands, where Belsimpel offers the Sony Xperia 1 for €949, but with a couple of gifts - Sony WH-1000XM3 wireless headphones with active NC (sold separately for €380) and a PD Fast Charger that costs €59 on its own. If you order by the end of today, you’ll have a new Sony flagship in any color you choose right in time for the weekend.

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Reader comments

You got to be joking right? It is awful choice for such a price, I mean there are literally dozens of phones better than this for less, even if you take s10, it is cheaper and with more features, Sony does not change at all. They put usless 4k screen...

  • Anonymous

I've got one on the 4th of June in the UK on Vodafone in grey with a free PS4 and this phone is brilliant smaller battery but really fast charging and it's so good to use. Highly recommend it to everyone. I had a z3 and a z5 premium previously both f...

  • ME

If you ever had one you will not write those nonsense, you sound like a fanboy and not objective.

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