Sony Xperia 5 is available now in the UK with free headphones or PlayStations

Vlad, 04 October 2019

The Xperia 5 that Sony unveiled at IFA is now officially for sale in the UK. Its price may be rather prohibitive (£699 unlocked), but the company is offering to take some of the sting away by giving you free stuff.

If you order your Xperia 5 from Amazon or Carphone Warehouse, you'll get a pair of WF-1000XM3 true wireless earbuds. Order from EE and choose a 30GB data plan from £59 monthly and you can pick between a free PlayStation 4 with additional controller and 12-month PlayStation Plus membership, or the PlayStation VR starter pack, which includes the PlayStation VR, PlayStation VR Worlds game, and PlayStation Camera. You can claim either bundle until November 4.

Sony Xperia 5 is available now in the UK with free headphones or PlayStations

Go with Vodafone and choose the Unlimited Lite plan at £56 monthly (with a £9 upfront payment), or the Unlimited Max plan that's £63 monthly (also with a £9 upfront cost), and you can get a PlayStation 4 console for free until November 30.

Finally, Virgin will give you a pair of WH-H900N noise cancelling headphones with every Xperia 5 purchase until November 13.

If you're on the fence about the Xperia 5, make sure you read our in-depth review to get to know it better.



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but their service center is really bad... since sony ericsson days... no wonder people didn't want buy their product. of course sony fanatic can afford buy sony xperia... include myself.. but when there's problem, and you cannot repair it... what wou...

I am not naive. I am real. Huawei dont spending much on RD??? Where you live??? Huawei is most innovative company past 5 years. Same we can say about xiaomi. They maybe dont innovate but sell cheap. And what they stealing??? Did you...

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