Sony Xperia 5 Plus

Sony Xperia 5 Plus

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Too many impressive specs, wow. But price would be expensive of course.

  • Anonymous

WiFi 6 is missing .

oooo last gen SoC

  • Anonymous

This phone probably doesn't exist, people. If you're here then look at the Sony 1 II, 10 II and L4. Those were the announced models.

  • rec

Two things i think wont happen: This phone has with 1/1.5 a bigger MainCamSensor than Xperia1Mark2 and SD855 is high end of last year. I think it will get a SD 765 or lower.

I wonder were these Numbers came from. I mean even the MainCamSensor Size of Xperia10Mark2 is unknown and that is officially anounced xD xD xD

If this phone would come with this specs i would buy it imidiately if it is 300-400€ cheaper than xperia 1 Mark 2. The only Problem is: I really dont understand the purpose of this phone, it should be smaller than Sonys top Phone but ist bigger xD xD 6 Inches Display Size with full HD wold be great :)

  • No

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2020Dang it... Why is this phone does a audio jack... T... moreWith the size of the phone featured here on this site, I'd be shocked if they didn't find a little space for the 3.5mm jack ... So no, keep it.

How can you put back an Audio Jack, but not FM Radio for the Mid-range market?

  • Anonymous

Dang it...

Why is this phone does a audio jack...

This audio jacks needs to be removed

  • aaaaaaaa

Beto, 10 Feb 2020168.2mm?? Almost a tablet... 30mm off mate, way off.

  • Anonymous


After seeing all 1.1, Xperia 2020, Xperia 2, Xperia 20 etc etc.. I guess it will retain its name Xperia 1. just separately stated its 2020 revision of Xperia 1. Samsung is doing this with A series, Y series, DELL XPS 13, DELL XPS 15 etc, Core i5 (every year there is a "new" Core i5).
The benefit in keeping upcoming 2020 version again as "Xperia 1" will be the mistaken purchases world wide by not fully educated ppl with lots of cash mostly thinking 2019 model is latest or unable to differentiate hence it will nudge the sales slightly up. Just like ppl around us have made mistakes with Core 2 Duo, Core i5, XPS 13 etc.
If sony even kept the design same (or nearly same) and all the pictures turned out to be Sony's own spewed FUD then my argument will further stand true!

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8 + 256GB

  • yeet

maybe, if this phone will not reach my money limit, this could be mine.

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Mahbubbaligaon, 09 Feb 2020How much refresh rate?All xperia are 120.
But locked at 60 via software.

  • Beto

168.2mm?? Almost a tablet...

How much refresh rate?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2020I wonder what the weight distribution will be like... If yo... moreSure looks a behemoth...that my hands are not likely to hold with ease :-( .

  • Anonymous

I wonder what the weight distribution will be like... If you hold the phone too low then it will see-saw flipflop out of your hand... Meaning you might have to constantly be gripping to stop it tilting over... or hold the phone in exactly the centre which would preclude 1-handed full screen use.
Kinda worried about the ergonomics now...

  • Anonymous

Come on Sony pl launch in India any one of new Xperia series

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2020That situation is actually a godsend. Their mistakes and su... moreSure, while there's a point you made, but still, XZ2 series almost led Sony Xperia into identity crisis, especially the design and that's where Sony fans are dividing into pieces, and almost managed never to recovered due this. If XZ1 design were kept with much modern design or at least going back to Xperia Z-design like Xperia 1/5/8/10/10+, I'll bet the loss was evitable...

You should aware that boxy-design of Xperia was giving Sony biggest identification identity since the breakup from Ericsson, especially during Z, Z3 and XZ Premium era. Sure, XZ2 series have identity of past Sony Ericsson days, but XZ2 design didn't successfully combined modern and traditional design simultaneously, which let's enraged in Xperia Community, resulting a fatal crash sales and shipments into the 2010 Xperia days...