Sony Xperia acro HD SOI12

Sony Xperia acro HD SOI12

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  • Pani

when this device launched in Indonesia ?

  • Goljat

VladUK, 24 May 2012Why only for Japanese market? What is wrong with the rest o... moreOnly in japan?? It is in the shop in here Finland

  • sbro

sony should make such phone which is thin 9mm and 5'' screened phone in upcoming phones.

  • prince michel

AnonD-64596, 24 Sep 2012What is the price range?this one is gone b arround ghc 1300....... i really need one too

  • firefly

is it upgradeable to ice cream sandwich?

  • antoshka

to all those kids that seems lack of knowledge about mobiles phones,stop posting b..lsh,t.
the market of mobiles is growing so fast so working together with the companies we can get and super mobile phone. so far sony products (mobile phones)are my fevorite bc with those divice you can do anything. the frase anything thats mean anything.

  • AnonD-64596

What is the price range?

  • Lamprlyngdoh

Dear Sir,
I would like to know the price of xperia acro HDSOI12 and when will be available in India

with regards
Lamphrang lyungdoh
Shillong India

  • Sai

If I were to go for a high end phone, I'd go for a water-resistant like this... Acro S may be out in the market, but the battery was too disappointing for me to even think about buying it... At least this one would've been satisfactory, but there still isn't any news of it going to Intl. market =( Hopefully, someone could give us some hope...

  • prem

when can we expect it in india. even the acro S has not yet reached here.

  • NAG

Hi,am proud to be sony fan but all look similar which is dropping everyone's attention,it shoud have different shapes as ericsson did.

  • mr. x

Sony has proved its outstanding multimedia E "xperia" nce comparing with Samsung and Apple....particularly in Sound and image processing.....But Sony "SUCKS" in Battery life

  • sak

sony should have gorilla glass instead of scratch resistant glass

  • j

Sony made a big mistake dropping Ericsson. Look at the Sony phones and go back to SE and see the variety of shapes and sizes. These all look to much the same.

  • AnonD-57579

It would be more awesome if they`d add NFC connectivity to this phone and new version of Bluetooth as well and x loud speaker would be brilliant, so lets hope they would add these things to it

  • slumberzwatt

I already owned Sony Xperia S but..when I'm seeking for the other models for Sony phones, I think this Acro HD is really awesome! It has more memory space than Xperia S.

  • Eddyson

Digital TV and TV launcher?

Does it mean that we can turn on TV on-the-go, anywhere?

  • caren

i wanna have this one.. extremely awesome!!

  • Anonymous

Mystery, 17 Jun 2012why not make this worldwide sony wwhhhhyyy??? it seems some... morenot the first time sony behave like this..even some psp is only for japanese market..

  • Anonymous

sony Xperia are very osome