Sony Xperia C4 Dual

Sony Xperia C4 Dual

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  • Fearless Viper

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2019the phone works good for 3 years then it losts signal completely... moreMy phone did the same too. SIM card inserted but no network. Phone works well but there is no network. Sony is bad decision.

  • Anonymous

the phone works good for 3 years then it losts signal completely now the phone doesnot work at all the screen start up and then switch off ,bad warranty sony is bad decision

  • E5333USER

Why on android 6.0 usb host function to read flashdisk have notification reformat flashdisk?

  • Anonymous

Been using since 2015 its been great till now after reading comments I was thinking I use same mobile but I dont get any errors or anything malfunctions all depends on where you buy your phone or else this modep is great

  • Quest

How long charging battery until 100%?

  • uwu

I have had Xperia C4 dual for about 3 years and except for poor battery life this phone has served me admirably well. Had no lag issues whatsoever. A week ago I dropped my phone in a bucket of soapy water and it just wouldn't start up. My next phone though will probably be one of those midrange Nokias with clean OS.

  • Yo

Been using this for almost 4 years and love it (had minor issues though)

  • Anonymous

jerry, 10 Sep 2018good display but i brought 10 months ago now phone is restarting... moreChange the battery,buy new one same probleme i think,when i plugged it with charger start to restart immediately

  • Qais

after 1 year using xperia c4 its dead red light problem software and hardware problem

  • rka23

My xperia c4 dual signal bar is empty, i have this phone since 2015. I already checked the sim card with another phone and it work. I already use factory reset but still the same. Sometime it has signal bar but then lost again. Also my c4 is not detected in my laptop. Please give me solution
Sorry for my bad english

  • jerry

good display but i brought 10 months ago now phone is restarting again and again how could i solve the problem?

  • The Architect

Don't update your device ... Everything is getting worst after marshmallow update

  • s.n.kumar

Battery is in pathetic condition, presently at 92% phone switched off

  • Raj

I bought the phone in April 2016 and by April 2018, I'm sorry to say the phone has almost given up.
I thought that the camera quality is good, however the quality is really very bad. The photos are more or less always blurred and too much smudged. It is next to impossible to get a good clear photo in less light since you can see the pixels tearing up.

Battery life is good in the beginning. However if you intend to use internet quite often or stay connected to internet the entire day, the battery will go empty by the end of the day.

Screen size is huge, which is a good thing in the phone and so is the quality of display. However after 2 years of usage, the screen has become less responsive and often I have to apply heavy strokes to be able to interact.

And yes! Please NEVER update your phone. The sony updates are really bad. I lost my 64 GB memory card with all the data on it. The moment I connected my memory card after the recent update, my memory card with all the data on it went corrupt (and is still unrecognized by the phone, it has been 3-4 months of trying to find every possible way.

+ points:
Large screen
Durable screen (it doesn''t break easily)
Good sound quality
Good battery (in the very beginning)

- points
Pathetic camera
Pathetic updates
Extremely useless and bad updates - makes you lose all your data and the phone starts crashing again and again
The features degrade with time

  • vijay

Hi I was mostly disappointed by my Sony Xperia c4 the sim type nano but it's two difficult to insert the sim in the phone and if we insert once we can't able to take it out pls any one tell me how can I correct these problem

  • AnonD-753218

Peter, 29 Mar 2018Not good for heavy use though. Replacements parts are very hard to getFix this device touch problem by this step http://mobileandgadgetinformationandissues.blogs­­een.html

  • Peter

Not good for heavy use though. Replacements parts are very hard to get

  • AnonD-747712

This is a pathetic Mobile Company so far seen.
I have tried different models in Xperia all are pathetic. C4 Dual or Z series all goes down as soon as the warranty period expires. Sim does not detect, Battery drains by 1 point per second when it reaches below 20%. Mobile hangs like hell. no point in updating software. After software updation you suffer more issues.

  • iFernando

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2017Low mic volume during calls other side always complains that he ... moreclean mic hole cavity


i have to keep internet on while making a call. if the internet is turned off the call does not work. how can the problem be troubleshooted.
plz suggest