Sony Xperia C5 Ultra

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra

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  • guanelz

I'm a crazy fan of sony. Been using sony since h.s. days from sony ericsson, experia and using c5 ultra (mint green) for 6yrs. I can't give up this phone to the point i even had a bat replaced though. Perfect phone for movie marathon, social media and esp for business esp the cam.

  • Tim

Orion q, 30 Jul 2020Forgot pattern password.. Any suggest how to factory reset?Hello To factory reset the phone you might turn it off first
Then after that
Press the power button and volume down button at the same time until you get the "boot menu" after that use the volume button to go up or down
Then go down to "Factory Reset" then use the power button then go down to "Yes" and it should factory reset

I Hope this helps :D

  • DayA

Sd external memory

  • Anonymous

Been using mine for 4years now, going 5 this January.
Been looking over the internet for the 'best phone' to have an upgrade. My xperia is working perfectly fine til now, battery still keeps me through the day, has it not been lagging and becomes slower, i wouldn't mind using it til it totally dies. So my point here is, over the days ive been looking, there's really not a single phone that would please you, they all come with flaws,and yes, you cant have them all in one. Some of the owners with the same phone as yours may have a bad experience, when you have otherwise. The reviews will only kinda make you disappointed or shake your determination to buy this phone that you really like, my advise is, just go with what you really want so there would be no regrets, after all i think the durability of the phone comes with proper handling. My two cents! Good day!

  • Orion q

Forgot pattern password.. Any suggest how to factory reset?

  • Amir

After 4 Years using it Dis advantages is:
Battary Drain so fast
When You make a phone call all menu open while talking
Network is very bad the network is very low.

  • Ringoo

I use xperia c5 ultra for a 3 years until my front camera suddenly dead after i factory reset the phone... the cons is Sony bloat software slowing the phone overtime and im not happy with it...
the pros is it have georgeous 6 inc display, it's not an amoled but the color is very good.. So, it slightly have a good hardware (not the front camera tho) and design but the software is so bad it feels janky and laggy overtime... and now it got stolen... bye bye c5... thanks for the service...

This is the best Sony design ever made. Classic and beautiful. A real phablet with almost zero bezels with a 6 inch screen. I like the width of the screen. Most of these days smartphones are just awkwardly tall. The notches are making it worse. If Sony would reproduce this series with 4 cameras @ the back and two in front surely it can be a very unique phone.

  • AL

This mobile phone is not so good as first of all, the on/off switch has to press very hard and hold. This phone is also not in the from IMDA (Singapore Infocomm) and as a result, you can not access to free wifi in many part of Singapore.

  • jeff

how to reprogram this

  • marky

hi guys can i have a feedback? regarding with this phone is there any prob for the system on this xperia phone etc?... thank you

  • Log

jaybee, 15 Oct 2018i have problem with my sony c5 ultra..the screen is blank a... moreYou must reset the xperia

  • noneeeee

why is it i cannot update may xperia?

  • Rheyrhow

jaybee, 15 Oct 2018i have problem with my sony c5 ultra..the screen is blank a... moreYou must have change the DPI setting on the dev opt.. . Genius! Lol

  • UOlimzhanov

jaybee, 15 Oct 2018i have problem with my sony c5 ultra..the screen is blank a... moreInstall new ROM. You can find it in xda-developers site

  • jaybee

i have problem with my sony c5 ultra..the screen is blank and system ui stopped..please help me how to solve it..

  • erbni

its the best phone ever

  • nice

But not with mhl function.

  • 4g

4g moble is this

  • Anonymous

next update for sony c5 ultra?