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The camera quality is bad for 2013 phone, can't even beat my old Nokia 303 & LG L7. Xperia E camera quality is more like phone from 2007. The performance is bad too.
But I still use this phone for music. Ikr the audio quality isn't the best compared to others, but the equalizer have minimal distortion when connected to external speaker or headphone than my other android phones. It just like a Walkman for me because i only use this phone for music rn.
The battery optimization also good. One day I tried to test the camera quality of Samsung A33, LG G4, LG Q6 & Sony Xperia E. I record video and take photos for few hours. I just surprised this Xperia E is still have decent battery level compared to others. The fact that I never replace the original battery of this phone since the first time I bought. Here's the summary of my previous activity :
Camera quality : Samsung A33 > LG G4 > LG Q6 > Sony Xperia E
Battery : Sony Xperia E > Samsung A33 > LG Q6 > LG G4

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    • floriian
    • 84j
    • 30 Apr 2024

    still have it and still works just fine (.....ok, it is slooooow).
    surprisingly the battery is still the same.

      • K
      • Kahmi
      • 3SI
      • 12 Jan 2024

      My first phone ever.
      Honestly yea, it wasn't good even for the standards back then. But still, I liked it back then and it was enough for my 13 year old me lol

        My 3rd phone, and the System UI didn't worked, i switched to an older Samsung Focus 2

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          • AnonD-454049
          • 2WB
          • 26 Apr 2023

          this was so bad, I never bought another sony phone again lmao

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            • jeke23
            • Jwj
            • 04 Jan 2023

            My first smartphone.

            I appreciate it because it was the first Android phone I had, and the first smartphone I had for that matter.

            Not gonna lie, it was quite awful even by 2012 standards, and still is.

            On my phone, the battery is a bit swollen but still works. Also I had to remove the power button with pliers because it malfunctioned and was sending random signals, causing the phone to shut down by itself; I had to do some gymnastics with Busybox and root to get the camera button to act sort of as a sloppy power button, and even then it only works sometimes.

            Anyways, I remember being kinda happy watching some series on it, watching youtube, though the joy was not rarely broken by the frustration of the unresponsiveness characteristic of such low end garbage.

            It was quite an experience having this (basically because we couldn't afford anything better) and have friends going around with an iPhone 5 or 6.

            Thankfully, those dark ages are over and even the lowest of the low end you can find today is not gonna be as goddamn awful as this Xperia E is.

            My veredict: Despite all I said, when the alternative to this was nothing at all, it suddenly didn't seem so awful.

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              • Anonymous
              • J5u
              • 15 Oct 2022

              Shark pupet, 12 Sep 2022Relatable even in 2022It wasnt good phone even in 2013...

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                • Shark pupet
                • 3Z5
                • 12 Sep 2022

                slim, 10 Dec 2016Despite all these comments I had no problem with this phone... moreRelatable even in 2022

                  Really s l o w.

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                    • alex
                    • T43
                    • 23 Feb 2022

                    This was my first android phone that i got from my dad and the battery was terrible , It was really really slow, Memory would almost always be full , It is also packed with unremovable bloatware which made it even worse. Im fairly sure that is what had made me stay away from Sony as a brand.

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                      • BAD
                      • rAR
                      • 31 Jan 2022

                      Where can i get ic of phn i want to repair that phn

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                        • eldorado
                        • a4R
                        • 27 Nov 2021

                        ehh, my first phone back in 2013, it was ok at first but my usage was handicapped with it, with only a couple gigabytes of usable storage and a slow processor it was pretty much unusable past 2015-16.

                          • D
                          • AnonD-724524
                          • pUT
                          • 20 Dec 2017

                          slim, 10 Dec 2016Despite all these comments I had no problem with this phone... moreMe too ;) I keep this phone as my emergency back up end of the world phone for occasions like when I break or loose my main phone and need something to use short term.

                          It still makes calls and sends texts like any other phone and sometimes it surprises me and let's me log into various social networking accounts :D

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                            • AnonD-683741
                            • thw
                            • 11 Jul 2017

                            been using it since 2013, the battery is rather bad. twice a day charging with heavy use. often lagging. the good things are: music playing cost less battery, even more in airplane mode (about 3-7% in 3 hours listening), the sound though not loud but clear enough.
                            this ol' phone deserved 6/10 rating i'd say

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                              • Awful
                              • 64Q
                              • 24 Jun 2017

                              This phone is an expensive brick.

                              (Minimum: 1; Maximum: 10)
                              Overall: 2,3
                              Battery: 6/10
                              Camera: 2/10
                              Sound: 3/10
                              Performance: 1/10
                              Screen: 1/10
                              Price: 1/10

                              Seriously, you're better off spending a little bit more and getting a better phone.
                              It is painfully slow.
                              Bootlooped once for me.

                                • s
                                • slim
                                • 2xu
                                • 10 Dec 2016

                                Despite all these comments I had no problem with this phone was able to watch all my animal porn fine

                                  • C
                                  • Carlson
                                  • p41
                                  • 06 Dec 2016

                                  AnonD-616549, 03 Dec 2016try clash royaleI Tried it but it lags so much that i lose every match!

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-616549
                                    • 0Ub
                                    • 03 Dec 2016

                                    Carlson, 29 Nov 2016This phone is so bad it wont turn any game on!try clash royale

                                      • C
                                      • Carlson
                                      • p41
                                      • 29 Nov 2016

                                      This phone is so bad it wont turn any game on!

                                        • g
                                        • ganesh
                                        • uuB
                                        • 08 Oct 2016

                                        no 1 mobile is very beautiful