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Sony Xperia E

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  • AnonD-724524

slim, 10 Dec 2016Despite all these comments I had no problem with this phone... moreMe too ;) I keep this phone as my emergency back up end of the world phone for occasions like when I break or loose my main phone and need something to use short term.

It still makes calls and sends texts like any other phone and sometimes it surprises me and let's me log into various social networking accounts :D

  • AnonD-683741

been using it since 2013, the battery is rather bad. twice a day charging with heavy use. often lagging. the good things are: music playing cost less battery, even more in airplane mode (about 3-7% in 3 hours listening), the sound though not loud but clear enough.
this ol' phone deserved 6/10 rating i'd say

  • Awful

This phone is an expensive brick.

(Minimum: 1; Maximum: 10)
Overall: 2,3
Battery: 6/10
Camera: 2/10
Sound: 3/10
Performance: 1/10
Screen: 1/10
Price: 1/10

Seriously, you're better off spending a little bit more and getting a better phone.
It is painfully slow.
Bootlooped once for me.

  • slim

Despite all these comments I had no problem with this phone was able to watch all my animal porn fine

  • Carlson

AnonD-616549, 03 Dec 2016try clash royaleI Tried it but it lags so much that i lose every match!

  • AnonD-616549

Carlson, 29 Nov 2016This phone is so bad it wont turn any game on!try clash royale

  • Carlson

This phone is so bad it wont turn any game on!

  • ganesh

no 1 mobile is very beautiful

  • Dat Beast

AnonD-477195, 16 Dec 2015Hands down THE worst handset I have ever used, and I have u... moredo your research and next time get the sony xperia z5 which has absolutely no problems see here:

I have this phone and it is no way as bad as your review, the back may have came off and I have two of my own apps but I still named it the Iphone 8, great for music and quite loud speaker on the back. The battery does fall out everytime I drop it. one use for it is playing catch with it and it will not break due to its strong structure. u r a h8er - Dat Beast 2017

cringiest reply/review ever.

  • Dodge

i have this phone the speaker shot the default app take up most of the storage to the point i only have three other apps on the phone just in case i need to take a photo and having a sd card is no real help because you can't move over the default apps to it and can't save photo or video directly to it so not a very good phone

  • Alex

I've used this phone for the best part of 2 years. I absolutely HATED it when it wasn't rooted, because it was slow, the touch response time was terrible, it had (and still does have) very little storage for apps and a bunch of other problems. My main problem was that facebook was constantly open in the background, making the phone grind to a halt.

(Note: The camera is also bad as well as the app for it)

However, I must say that after rooting the phone has become exceptional, for the most part. Doesn't get hot often, the battery life gets even better, the response time is faster, it becomes laggy a lot less and I could get rid of any unnecessary app that kept using up all my phone's RAM.

Non-rooted for a power user? 6/10 - Slow, but the battery life is amazing
Rooted power user? 8/10 - Becomes a lot better but can still be lagging sometimes

Non-rooted average user? 5/10 (with todays standards) - FB Very slow and you can't install too many different apps.
Rooted average user? 6/10 - It can get better, but not by much.

Non-rooted power saver? 9/10 - This phone can last a looooooooong time versus phones today
Rooted power saver? 9.5/10 - Nothing is perfect.

Overall: 5.8/10 (30th July, 2016)
Aesthetics: 7/10
Response Time: 4/10
Apps: 5/10
Battery: 10/10
Camera: 3/10

  • AnonD-271419

smart phone good look, bottom light very nice, sound every body know as about of sony brand,

  • sadoversonye3

I agree with most of the comments here that this has been the WORST phone i have ever had. it has now killed my 8GB micro sd memory card and I've lost all the pics i had on it, my computer wont even recognize the card anymore so its D E A D . If you put a micor sd in your sony don't ever take it out to replace it with a bigger card unitl you back up all the memory on that card to your computer. The battery doesn't last long , i don't even have hardly any apps and i don't use it to surf , just so i can have a decents days battery usage. MY next phone will be a Samsung for sure . NEVER buy a Sony and the support line is useless (maybe I just got a really surly job hating a-hole when I was online) .Samsung support is top notch and I will go back to them very soon, this phone wont be lasting long they way its acting.

  • AnonD-548334

Sony experia E5 has been bad experience. The internal memory is loaded with Sony apps, which takes up the space and does not ally any apps to be loaded. It is frustrating when one cannot operate whattsapp. I will not recommend this mobile.

  • Kreg

Not good for gaming or anything else. Lags everytime, only has 512mb of RAM. The camera is fine the only thing I like is the sound of the speakers.


very less space. cannot download apps . very bad space consumption. but excellent in other featutes


this phone also has a magnetic sensor.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-477195, 16 Dec 2015Hands down THE worst handset I have ever used, and I have u... moreCalm ur tits bruh. If u got this in 2k16 its ur falt for not doing ur research. I brought this late 2012, it was good at the time.Sometimes struggle to even go through home screen, but for the time it was 'decent', at least after disabling some google apps.

  • Just some guy

Don't ever get this phone. It's absolutely bad. Look at the specs: it's just 1 processor at 1ghz, featuring only 512mb of RAM. This is extremely slow and sometimes it gets unusable. I know how to take care of a Android phone but no tricks served me to make this phone any faster, or at least evade the constant crashes. I repeat, don't ever get this phone.


1. Size because it is thin and small without being too small to read the screen.
2. Shape feels and looks great.
3. Color pinks looks like a nice shade of read.
4. Wi-Fi, Quad band
1. Long start up time. (PAINFULLY SLOW)
2. WALKMAN IS often difficult to find and play my music from the micro-chip. (SERIOUS PROBLEM)
3. Manny apps can not be moved to chip so the phone tells me it doesn't have enough memory to add more apps (THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM)
4. Passable FM tuner.

*In summary if you want a nice pocket phone just for calls and a few apps, or perhaps wi-fi surfing, don't mind a slow start up which does not affect the speed of all the rest, buy it because it's a nice affordable phone with a quad ban that works around the world.