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Sony Xperia E4

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  • Mphom

Great phone, I'm giving it to my younger brother who is unfortunate and it is still brand new, all features working petfectly
I like Sony phones, you will never go wrong, no drama.
I'm using G3312, and it's still a boss of all my friends phones when it comes to the camera and few

I'm now waiting for L5 underway

I've never had a Sony that I changed because of challenges, no matter how old it is, you can still go back.

The old ones are still housing my old photos and no issues, but will soon remove them when having time.

  • Taren

Hey I like the phone
But recently it got bricked after I had installed es file explorer
But how can I get the firmware
I have downloaded one for several times but it says file is corrupt at extraction

I have used this phone for two years and it feels good to me

  • Pat C.

Got this phone, the Sony Xperia E4 in 2015 and it is still working today (February 3 2020!) This/was a great phone for its time but fair play for still working and providing a service today. PS, the built-in FM radio is amazing and probably the best on the market, great reception. I think Sony deserves every credit for making such a great little device.

  • deanie2

Biggest piece of junk possible! Screen blew up after 1 year. Will avoid Sony like a plague in the future.

  • Anonymous

ImOkay, 25 Sep 2018Bought it in March 2015 it died February 2018,my first ever... moreBuy new battery, will back to service

  • Anonymous

Best ever by April 2015 stil work i wait to stop working to by another phone still waiting.

  • Anonymous


  • ImOkay

Bought it in March 2015 it died February 2018,my first ever smartphone and the best i've ever used,it has served me well :')

please let me know where i can get battery for e4 xperia. if anyone have battery, please inform me.

  • Rabba

Have this phone for 3 years..
Zero problems, didnt freez once!
Replaced battery after 2 years becouse i killed it with Summoners War :D
Best buy ever

  • new

Uvio, 28 Mar 2018Hello all how i unlock from Network lock? To use any Sim Ca... moreYou can take it to most phone shops e.g cex is good for phone unlockings

  • lukeskywalker

Great phone!

  • Tony

Very disappointed.
Ran reliably for about twelve months, then started noticing the battery level / reliability fading away.
Now two years old, having to restart it almost everyday because it goes into crazy mode, slows down / jambs.
It will even go into crazy mode / jamb straight after having been charged.
Should have stuck with Samsung.
Sad part is, I went with this phone because of having been very happy with my Experience tablet, very happy with that, but the phone is just an exercise in frustration.

  • Uvio

Hello all how i unlock from Network lock? To use any Sim Card, its Locked to TELSTRA NETWORK, Australia, I think Network code is 50501 phone is SONY XPERIA Z4 or E2104 ,Thanks so much Pete.

  • AnonD-725840

Great phone for nearly 3 years of hard laber to it an still running good besides the overheats an most things others have said about the phone but I'd say it would last another year or so merry Christmas all an happy new years

  • Sanjeev

Alfred Sakyiamah, 04 Oct 2017I am using SONY XPERIA E4 and I have accidentally spoil bot... moreIt's accessories r available.

  • daniels

I have my e4 I think for more than 2 years now. There are a couple of problems I have with it,
1. speakers got really bad, like things that are loud sound bad with them.
2. they say it has 8 GB of internal space but really when I check with file commander how much space there is in internal storage it shows no more than 4,8 GB.
3. Camer quality not really great
4. sometimes when someone calls me I hear sound but I can't answer because the phone is thinking for couple seconds or smth.
5. and it doesn't show apps that I have on SD Card sometimes right know, I don't know if that is phones fault at least in file commander app it recognizes that i have a sd card in phone.
6. It shows that i don't have space on phone and so i have to do junk file cleaning very often.

1. to me it seemed like not very expensive.

  • Anonymous

sree, 23 Sep 2017i using this for last 2 years. good . now the features are... moreI'd suggest the Xperia L1

This Sony is a decent phone.
It's from 2015, so don't expect a lot from it.
The camera (5mpx) is really blurry, and the front camera is, of course, blurry. The memory can't handle a lot of apps either. But it has the AR mode, which is really funny. But not really useful. Just for fun.
The android version is 4.4.4, and not upgradeable.
In 2015, it was good, I guess.