Sony Xperia E5

Sony Xperia E5

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  • Uzair

Swoop, 31 Jul 2019This is by far the worst Sony i have ever owned. Rear camera is ... moreSame here. The rear and front camera are horrendous. I've never seen such bad quality images from a 13mp camera.

  • loopzoop

Pretty okay for the price I guess, but there's better phones you can find for the price of this one. First seems to work fine, but I immedietly noticed that charging took a lot longer and the battery drained very fast. Some apps like snapchat can cause the phone to overheat pretty badly, the camera also makes this weird click noise everytime you use it. Battery problems happen a lot, sometimes it will run out of battery while you're charging it. Pretty slow and the camera isnt all that great.

This is by far the worst Sony i have ever owned. Rear camera is pathetic. Apps closes by itself. freezes frequently.

  • Ribblehead

This phone is excellent value for money,,,
Camera is fine,
Battery longevity is OK,
Smooth operation,
Good size,
So please stop moaning about it,,,,,,,

  • Goran

I was used this phone as 1 year. In that one year I was had aprox 30 app and use them a lots of and phone are still working fine...only problem are display becouse is burn aprox 3 cm becouse of heating. Still best buy and never betray.

  • Anonymous

the camera is trash the phone is slow compared to sumsang j5 but im keeping it anyway.

  • Goodone

Matias, 26 Feb 2018I have a Sony Xperia E5 myself and I am enjoying it. I am wonder... moreHow do you even overcharge anything? Does it bring vader back to life or what?

  • AnonD-734554

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018This phone is worser than Soyes s7Never make it a joke dude ;)

  • Anonymous

I’ve had 3 Nokia phones,, first one lasted 23 months ,broke glass and other faults
Insurance send me replacement ,,that was faulty,, sticking,,, second replacement, after 2 weeks , black screen for 10 hours then started. ,,lasted 3weeks stalled again ,now replaced with a Sony E5 ,, in scared to set it up after reading comments,, ,I have to pay each time to have it set up as I’m disabled,, please any advice ,out there

  • AnonD-747017

It has temperature issues while paying any game making the battery drain really quick,I switched to the xiaomi note 5 plus and has better performance, and better temperatures for nearly the same price.Would not recommend getting this phone

  • shuvo

Matias, 26 Feb 2018I have a Sony Xperia E5 myself and I am enjoying it. I am wonder... morethis camera are dslr!!!

  • Taimoor

chris, 21 Feb 2018av been enjoying my E5 until now.kindly assist with remedy to th... moreSame here E5.. :P :)

  • Anonymous

This phone is worser than Soyes s7

  • Matias

I have a Sony Xperia E5 myself and I am enjoying it. I am wondering if it can overcharge?

  • chris

av been enjoying my E5 until now.kindly assist with remedy to this issue as the device just started disappearing contact. sometimes its takes about 15minutes to access contact and call logs

  • Anonymous

why this phone go very hot and battery is so bad

  • jonny jonny

sony is one of the best phones l have used. easy to use. try one and see for yourself

  • TechAlex

The Sony Xperia E5 is a superb lightweight easy to use phone and a good size for people with large hands.
After using this phone for 5 months I have grown to love the speed and memory of the phone and last but not least the battery life which can last days if managed correctly which is handy when out camping. For the price of just over £100 you get a lot for your money, previous phones I have used are Samsung and Nokia which were built strong although, the Sony Xperia is built with fragile material therefor it scratches easy and I'm always worried about dropping it I recommend a case for anyone looking to get this phone.
Finally, the phone is stylish sleek, while also having a decent camera (not the best) so if you're looking for a phone that is cheap, reliable and powerful I 100% recommend this phone to everyone. I hope this helps to make a decision.
Extra notes:
- The phone isn't waterproof but does alright in the rain
- The volume and power buttons click when pressed (slightly loud when trying to be quiet)
- The battery isn't removable
- You can play Pokemon go on the phone
- The glass doesn't scratch easy but the back does against rocks and hard surfaces
- It takes approx between 2 and 3 hours to charge from dead to 100% battery using the charger it comes with using other chargers will take longer, Also the phone only comes with a USB (at least it did with mine) so you might need to get a charging adapter.

  • Anonymous

I would not buy a Sony phone! I have tried two different models the last being a E5 and both have ceased up. Just get a black screen. Tried all the tricks given on the site and forums, but no response. If it happens on just the one phone, fair enough, but both must be a fault with the manufacturer.

  • Mr Mo

The battery life is not good at all. It
cannot even last me 10hours. With no music,videos, nor games