Sony Xperia go

Sony Xperia go

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  • Anonymous

pixel density is disappointing.

  • bri

bluetooth ver. should be higher than 2.1v.

  • Ronnie

Looks quite a cute phone, this one.

  • AnonD-41654

Replacement for Xperia u with a memory card slot :)

  • Anonymous

I wanted to buy the Active because my old phone started screwing up when I got it wet. Hopefully the battery life on this device is good enough (maybe even last for a bit more than a day). Pixel density does seem rather low but I honestly don't know how it would look because I haven't used an Android device with that sort of resolution. 512MB of RAM should be decent enough. Other devices have that too and can run ICS. Really not too chased about Jellybean so long as my phone works when under crappy weather conditions. If this isn't expensive then I will buy this because for me it was between the Active and the Defy but Motorola phones don't look nice to me.

  • Jick

Display 3.5 inch and 320 by 480 pixel. Then what is the use of bravia.

  • triem08

only 165 ppi pixel density

  • ryangga

spec is better than xperia active

  • AnonD-55517

yes yes i like dis Sony gadget

  • Ronnie


goING to be a GOrgeous device, this one

  • Priyal

Why 4Gb User Available i know os some of usages in 8gb space but why some crap apps in this beautiful phone i hope these these type of crap apps and unnecessary programs can remove easily with out custom rom.

  • AnonD-55262

Hmm, late 2012 model, and still Gingerbread on 512MB RAM (which may not bode well for ICS's or Jellybean's ideal requirements, really needing 1GB)... Otherwise promising, but glad I didn't hold out for this.

  • Anonymous

Looks like the Sola but more streamlined

  • ADy

"320 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches (~420 ppi pixel density)" Now that's a very good pixel density...

  • want it!!

Aw damn it looks amazing..if only it was a bit 3.2"..close to the active..
But still..god, now im regretting buying my xperia active, it looks trashy compared to this!

  • Ronnie

Xperia Go has got such high durability standard compatibility that it will become a wonderful device with loads of power due to it being dual-core and on top of that being extremely rugged it can be a really top performer.

Sony is producing some really good phones during this year, I hope they succeed big time for their sake.

  • Outdoorsman

Ah Finally! the Xperia Active's next kin...was holding back because of this, so this is it