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Sony Xperia L

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  • FINU

using it for almost 5 years,still so good.i play random games in it

  • Anonymous

6 yrs with this phone and still it's alive, despite even have drown in a pool once. Very resistant. Unless you are an App-maniac and need something bigger, it was a very useful and resistant device

  • Anonymous

6 yr exp with experia l
Excellent condition
...smooth running
Best device

  • cete

rahim, 25 Feb 2019excellent phone this is my 5th year from buying it and it still finebut not with the battery life

  • rahim

excellent phone this is my 5th year from buying it and it still fine

  • AnonD-819322

Would this be good as a backup phone? I'd mainly use it for light gaming and mainly browsing.

  • Justine

My sony l c2105 is super solid this is 5 years

  • Xantes

It seems that nobody knows that this Sony Xperia L has Wi-Fi ac an that nobody mention that as well!

  • Gabmx7

ROCK SOLID PHONE, I have since finlas of 2013, has fall down to the floor incredibly many times and never has break the screen, the battery last more than new phones, it last until two days in normal use, absolutely no problems with these hard quality phone!!!

  • Anonymous

5 years are completed, I unlocked the phone and lost wifi, but it's working fine. Battery backup has gone down. But still its a champ, it's arc design is unique

  • Anonymous

Using it since daughter birth (4 yearsma very good experience with this smartphone, had a fair connection in very poor conditions, front camera giving grained pictures, but back one is good. Was using it to as a hotspot for mobile internet too and was very good. Never had to go to service for anything. Problem is with low memory so no many application can be installed at the same time. It dropped many times on the flor and the ground but except some phone casing damage no other mailfunction. Battery is still fine. It served me well but now is the time for a change. I hope that I will find again reliable smartphone.

  • AnonD-172602

Using it since August 2013. Rock solid - can't remember how many times it fall on the floor. One problem since the beginning - low internal memory for which, one needs to be very selective while installing apps. Also, it's time to change the battery. Sony products are pricier than the competitors but there are reasons!
Just wished if there was a similar model with 3GB RAM, full HD display and 32 GB internal memory within 15K in India from Sony. But, that's not to be!

  • aya

AnonD-538797, 18 May 2016Delete .thumbnails folder. Use diskusage app if you cant find th... moreI'm also facing the same problem. My internal memory always 0 even i already delete file in .thumbnails and installed diskusage.
Thanks in advance if you can suggest any. This phone really worst now because it won't let me take any photo to market my bussiness!

  • rahul

i am using this phone since 2014 , phone is still in working condition and face detection software is update now i am using face unlock, but some problem is facing

  • Any

I have been using this phone since August 2013. Still working fine ,occasional lags but phone hardware is solid. Only problem is low memory thinking of upgrading to Xperia Xa2 in future... But i still love it...

  • iambrams

this sony is awesome, the battery extremely good, and easy to use

  • Anonymous

Bought this in May 2013, still works fine.

  • Pika P

I purchased it in may last week 2013, still working fine, it's battery works fine for me, I use its NFC with my car stereo, used screen mirroring also on my TV, jelly bean is outdated, but hardware is still cool, 2018 is reaching and this mobile rocks!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-541700, 26 May 2016Before 2 years Excellent camera quality Great speed NO LAGS A... moreAgreed

  • Anonymous

I was bought used mobile from Kuwait it browsing is very fast. no hanging issue also camera result is gud. but battery is not gud