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  • 27 Aug 2022

I have been using this phone for just over four years and now looking for a replacement as the memory of 16GB is about full-can't get rid of around 2.66GB of 'other' despite numerous attempts. Battery is also running down quickly, but otherwise has been a good first phone and allowed me to assess what I need next time - magnetometer or compass, good camera and speakers, headphone jack and decent size battery, memory capacity and additional storage.

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    • Anonymous
    • fuD
    • 10 Aug 2022

    I have had this phone for 3 years now, and I can say it is a pretty good phone.

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      • John vonBlackberry
      • Ccx
      • 23 Jun 2022

      John C EC1, 21 Jan 2022I've used this phone for about 3 years. It was bought ... moreQuote: "It was bought as a semi tablet because my main phone is a Blackberry." - LOL! This sounds exactly like me. Blackberry Passport user here - even after Jan. 4th, 2022, the official decommissioning date by Blackberry. As for the Sony Xperia L1 - it's indeed a neat device, never had an issue with it; it's even sort-of "semi-rugged", because of the cheap, yet still sturdy plastic built, it fell on the hard floor twice; no crack on the display, no scratch, only thing is a slight dent in the corner you have to make out under the microscope. The only gripe I have about this device though is, it's rather sluggish.

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        • fu4
        • 08 Apr 2022

        Indeed this phone has served me well, I will recommend it to campus students.
        After 5 years of using it, the battery can really drain fast especially when using applications that ran in the background. So far so good.

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          • Anonymous
          • ps8
          • 26 Mar 2022

          am i the only which GPS seems to be extremely bad like i try to calibrate it in google maps yet it still is inaccurate

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            • John C EC1
            • n56
            • 21 Jan 2022

            I've used this phone for about 3 years. It was bought as a semi tablet because my main phone is a Blackberry. I love it. 2gb Ram and 16gb internal memory is poor by today's standards but mine has a cheap 32gb memory card and all my stuff goes on that.
            The screen is IPS LCD which is old tech but the display is amazing. Crystal clear and rock steady. As I use it for Netflix, Prime Video and a couple of games while travelling / commuting it really is an excellent phone.
            I have literally this evening bought a 26,000 mAh powerbank to extend the 2,600 mAh battery's life and am really pleased because for what I use it for this is a great bit of kit.

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              • Mazda
              • mXV
              • 29 Dec 2021

              Anonymous, 12 Aug 2021This phone is great. I had an extremely rainy day and phone... moreI totally agree. It's a nice budget phone but the internal memory of 16 gig isn't all that much but to be expected for the price but what really lets it down is the battery life is so poor. I'd have expected better of Sony.

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                • Nightingale
                • uYV
                • 22 Oct 2021

                I have been using this phone for a long time cause I don't have money to buy a new one. And here is my review:
                - It's very old, 16gb memory but the actual memory is only around 10gb. With 2gb ram there is not much thing this phone can do.
                - Sometimes the phone just crashes on its own.
                - The battery and camera is alright, not too good, not too bad.
                - When using youtube, if you set the video's quality to 720p, some videos, like gaming videos, action movie videos. the fps drops dramatically.
                - It can also play game like temple run, subway surfers and other light games. But sometimes when you are playing it can get laggy then crash.
                Conclusion: if you have enough money, please buy a new phone. With this phone, what you can do is surfing facebook, watching youtube (480p most of the time), playing light game.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • pIZ
                  • 12 Aug 2021

                  Anonymous, 30 Mar 2018Is the battery user replaceable?The battery can be replaced if you take the phone apart, but it's quite difficult and requires steady hands. Most phone repair shops can change the battery for you.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • pIZ
                    • 12 Aug 2021

                    This phone is great. I had an extremely rainy day and phone still worked fine but the battery isn't very good. The mediatek mt6737t soc is pretty slow but it does the job.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • pIZ
                      • 12 Aug 2021

                      Akram, 05 Jun 2020Sony need to really update the phone software, battery is h... moreThe phone probably isn't supported anymore and hardware is old.

                        David, 09 May 2021How is the music quality?Much worse that Xiaomi.

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                          • David
                          • XVq
                          • 09 May 2021

                          Stan, 09 Mar 2021Use this phone 2 years and now must to buy another even if ... moreHow is the music quality?

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                            • David
                            • XVq
                            • 09 May 2021

                            Anonymous, 19 Apr 2021I use this phone from 2017 till today 2021 and still, it is... moreWhat about it's music quality?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 8w$
                              • 19 Apr 2021

                              I use this phone from 2017 till today 2021 and still, it is working perfectly!

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                                • Stan
                                • 6v0
                                • 09 Mar 2021

                                Use this phone 2 years and now must to buy another even if this one still perfect works, some new app will not update with this old Android version,.. My worst experience with this phone was a very low capacity of battery, before this one I was Samsung user for years and even a older Samsung has a better battery, I notice that the first day since I'm using this phone... Never used it for games but even wifi or gps connection is enough to drain it under few hours...

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • y6V
                                  • 02 Mar 2021

                                  Martin Siry SVK, 14 Nov 2020Dear dements, this device is not for gaming, so, try unders... morefor me it's a good phone. yes, it's build not for gaming.. and the camera are perfectly fine for me...and also the sony-ericson keypad mobilephones i have that also back in the year 2005.
                                  even in darkroom the quality of the picture is perfect. im using the model g3311 xperia 2019 today.

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                                    • grey
                                    • XEa
                                    • 16 Feb 2021

                                    VNX, 19 Nov 2020I was ahead of myself, the refresh rate really for use with... moremy phone got a problem it doesn't switch on

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                                      • Alfieish
                                      • 3Wj
                                      • 31 Jan 2021

                                      I have had this phone for around 5 months now, and so far it has been great, the camera is all I need and the android UI is perfect to navigate around,

                                      would recommend it to anyone!

                                        I have had this phone for 2 years this month. This is the worst Sony Xperia I have ever owned. Here below is its bad points:
                                        Photo's indoors are poor and with yellow colour cast. Poor clarity, not sharp.
                                        Showing photo's to people outside are very dark even at the highest setting.
                                        Speakers are poor quality on music play back.
                                        Cannot delete Apps that are installed on the phone from new. Including ones that cannot be used anymore.
                                        Apps take up to much memory on 16gb.

                                        Only good things are:
                                        Music playback through earphones and headphones.
                                        Video playback of videos downloaded onto memory cards.

                                        My next phone will be either a pricer Sony or a decent price Samsung.