Sony Xperia L2 gets another update

Himanshu, 22 March 2018

Just recently, we told you about an Xperia L2 update that bumped the version from 49.0.A.2.62 to 49.0.A.3.72. Now, a new update has started hitting the device.

Sony Xperia L2 Sony Xperia L2
Sony Xperia L2

It's basically a security update that brings along Android fixes for the month of March. The build version moves from 49.0.A.3.72 to 49.0.A.4.55 in the process. No information on what other changes (if any) are included in the update.

Given that the roll out has just begun, it may take time for the update notification to pop up on your handset's screen, so be patient.



Reader comments

True. That's why they just updated Xperia XA Ultra with January fixes... That makes low/mid-ranger (in 2016 mid were X and X Compact so I'm not sure what XA/XA Ultra are exactly) almost with security updates like Galaxy S8 (February if I'm right?)......

  • Anonymous

Awww music to my ears and dis credits nonsense post on Sony Not updating there cells,,, especially mid there rangers.

  • Anonymous

Nice mid Ranger Sony

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