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Sony Xperia M2 Aqua

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  • shaunyboy

Awe guys my m2 aqua also restarted the whole time salution is keep tapping power button after a few tries it went past sony screen and workef but keep charger connected and charge till full

  • Anonymous

I do not know how to set an internet and mms setting to this phone. I tried to download the internet and mms setting thru wifi and data connection but it seemed just failed. Please secure a very high quality of your product support for us to solve the issues to our phone, which is actually your responsibility.

  • Anonymous

My phone switch on and off the whole time. No one can repair it, I have taken to several cell shops. they said I must buy a new phone. Very disappointed, I really loved this phone

  • Anonymous

My phone switch on and off the whole time. No one can repair it, I have taken to several cell shops. they said I must buy a new phone. Very disappointed, I really loved this phone

  • Butcher

Have that phone and perfect up to day im not play games on smartphone ,Up to day run on LO 8.X and Internal memory swaped to MicroSD

  • Mounting

Great phone. I have still been using this phone from 2014 Oct. No issue other than internal memory.

  • blackpoint

Had the phone for almost 4 years and for the stuff i used it, i can simply say for that time and even now it works just fine. Never had any issues with it so i can say it was worth every single € i paid for it and i plan on sticking with the Sony brand once i decide for a new one :)

  • Ancha

I have been using it for 3 years or so and it has no problem. I am not that of a gamer, only played simple logic ones, mostly using it for tracking my outdoor activities (GPS, maps), taking pictures and chatting (skype, whatsup). Of course its battery is not as it used to be. But it still works fine for me.

  • AnonD-743582

Luca, 14 Jul 2017In case you are thinking to buy this phone because you just... morein your case, the problems is how you use it, not the phone. Say, a friend of mine still use that phone this day and everything about the phone is fine.

  • Sony sucks

This phone is absolutely awful, only plays videos in 480p now it's completely stopped working,wont turn on or charge....

  • Limestone steve

Seems to be a lot of moaners that have nothing better to do than slag

sony and this phone off.

Had this phone quite some time now,Camera ok,memory ok, battery ok
Good all round phone and nice screen size.
Nice phone sony.

  • anonomous

the phones shocking my phone ive had a few months and it will turn on for a few seconds and then die even when its on 100% the side pannels for the sound and sim card have fallen off and it makes a fuzzy noise out the bottom speakers
i wouldnt think about buying a sony phone again

  • Luca

In case you are thinking to buy this phone because you just found an offer somewhere, well, DONT. The phone will start to fall apart after 1 or 2 years of use

The first problem I encountered was that one of the flaps that you need to open EVERY TIME to access the SIM card or the charging port, broke. In this case I was lucky enough: I could use my phone warranty to get it repaired. Be sure you back up everything when you bring it to repair. Even though mine was not an electronic or software problem, I got my phone factory reset anyway.

Second problem, the most annoying one. Did you know that the volume and camera buttons are held by a side strip that is glued to the phone frame? Well if you didn't, now you do. And guess what? The side strip got detached, and I lost the buttons. I tried to call Sony to buy the spare parts and they told me that if I do not have any warranty they cannot help. The only option I have (they said) is to send in the phone to repair. They customer support agent even told me that it will not be worth it because it would be expensive. I tried to get the spare parts in China without success.

So? I should basically buy a new phone because the M2 Aqua was built by sticking parts to the frame. This ain't a sticker album, Sony.

I will never ever buy one of your phones again.

  • E.thos 1973

The phone is terrible. The side cover for the charger is off and I've had to use superglue just to keep the speaker cover on. Internal storage is always full nomatter how many apps I delete. Data bundles don't work and it glitches often.

  • AnonD-675756

I'm actually disappointed with this phone. What started as a great phone in 2014 has ended up being literal phone trash: my internal memory is always full and i can't manage to change it by default to the sd card; all my chargers get broken in 2 months time, i guess it must be a thing of the USB conector, and it gets blocked more often than i'd like to admit plus the software works really slow.
All my friends say I should change phone already but I'm always convincing myself that it's not that bad, but REALLY, it is.

  • user1

this phone is basically falling apart,the side covers are off,the speaker cover is out done with it, i cant even use cellular data bundles..internal storage keeps getting full how the f*** do i get my information stored by default in my SD card????

  • AnonD-514353

I use M2 Aqua since July 2015. Great phone for small price. It runs apps fast although camera is very slow, especially when HDR is on, but even with only 8MP I make very nice pictures. I will not even bother to comment about front camera... Anyway like I said, great phone, never had problems with it. Cheers! :)

  • AnonD-657137

Been using this phone for over 2 years and finally switch to mi4c. Build is ok, but door/flaps are on the weak side, the plastic side things are just glued and falls of easily, bottom speaker grill is also just glued and falls of quickly. The camera is very poor quality, in a bit lower light conditions it's unusable, the front camera is even more dissapointing. At powerfull sunlight you can't get decent shot, you can forget about video, just too stuttery. It has waterproof wich is cool,threw my phone in the pool. The watter did came in but suprisingly didn't made any damage. Not recomend in 2017, even in 2014 it wasn't something powerfull or quality

  • AnonD-646897

could anyone tell me if this phone can manage a bigger sd card then 128gb? with 128gb it works fine, but i need more space... thanks

  • AnonD-637301

Currently, I still use Sony M2 Aqua that I have used for more than 2 years. I hope that it will last more than 5 years. I also have bought its secondary battery for future use. There were two main issues found in the smartphone, namely old Android OS and camera quality issue after OS update to Lollipop. So, it is still my best smartphone that I ever have.